Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cole- 19 and 20 weeks

Happy Wednesday! Hope the second part of your week is off to a good start, who's ready for the weekend already???This girl is very ready. So, there is going to be a little change to our Cole updates. Instead of doing long weekly updates, I have decided to go to monthly updates. But don't worry, I will still get those weekly pictures in! For some reason, this one post every week is very difficult for me to keep up with. Like I have previously said, I spend all my free time with Cole, and when he is finally asleep (at night, we all know the kid doesn't do naps) I try to catch up on all the necessities like laundry, washing bottles, packing my lunch for the next day, or catching up on DVR with Ross.

For now, here is my little ham at weeks 19 and 20.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Cole- 18 weeks (October 23, 2013)

Weight- 12 lb 12 ounces at his appointment last Friday
Health-Poor little guy's cold got worse on Tuesday, he lost his voice (saddest thing ever) and developed a productive cough. Luckily no fever, eating and sleeping great. And he has been a trooper, such a tough guy. Got his 4 month shots last Friday and did so good. He wasn't himself for a few days afterwards.
Sleep- Still great night sleeper. Naps have been even more difficult since he has been sick, he only wants to sleep in my arms (i secretly love it). We are back to swaddling for naps, his flailing arms wake him up.
Diet- Momma's milk. Still every 3 hours or so during the day. Taking 5 ounces each time at daycare. Spitting up has gotten a little better.
Clothes- Still 0-3, but needs 3-6 month sleepers because of his length. Size 1 diapers
Development- I still have a blue eyed brown hair little man on my hands. Fine motor skills improving every day. Neck and back getting stronger everyday. Hand eye coordination is becoming very good.
Cole's seat during dinner

Crying- The only time he really tries to cry is when he is burped, and that's because he is impatient and wants to finish eating.
Likes/Dislikes- Bath time is still his favorite time of day. Loves watching TV, though I try to keep him from doing so. Dislikes burping, wiping his nose with a boogie wipe, and being cradled in your arms. He likes to be held upright.
Milestones- We have laughter!! His first laugh was last Friday night, Ross and I were playing on the floor with him and he let out a belly laugh, melted our heart. So glad we were both there to experience it. Also rolling over from his tummy to his back every time we do tummy time.
Happy boy after his shots

getting ready for cool weather

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cole-4 months old

I am a little behind on posts, but what's a girl to do when she would rather spend time with her little man instead of on the computer. So please forgive the late post, there was lots of play time to be had with this growing boy the past few weeks!

Every time I look at you, Cole, i thank God for blessing us with such an amazing little man. You make every day seem too short and every night while you sleep seems too long. I love getting to know your personality, your likes and dislikes, your funny facial expressions and even those cute little noises you make. Everyday I wonder how I could possibly love something more, but then every second I am with you I find more and more things to love about you. This month i especially love your big gummy smiles, your new found ability to remain content when we are shopping, your love for me singing the wheels on the bus, and your little thighs that can't decide if they want to become chubby or not (i vote YES). I want to say I can't believe you are 4 months, but that would be a lie. I can't remember my life without you, nor do I want to. I am trying  not to get too worked up about you having a bad day at daycare or your resistance to nap,  all babies and mommies have bad days. But please remember, if I do shed a few overwhelming tears, its because I love you and want nothing but the best for you. I love you Cole Michael, to the moon and back!

Cole- 17 weeks (October 15, 2013)

Weight-At his appt today he was 12 lbs, 12 oz (4th percentile) and 25 inches long (42 percentile). Still a little peanut, but the Dr. wasn't concerned since he started so little.
Health- Still just a little stuffy, but doesn't bother him. Reflux has been showing up, but he is tough and it doesn't seem to hurt him.
Sleep-  Sleeping from 8:30 pm to about 7 am. Naps are still hit or miss, usually 3 45 minute snoozers and likes to take another 30 minute nap around 6 pm while mom is cooking dinner
Diet- Breastfeeding is going awesome. He hasn't been as satisfied with his bottles lately, so we have increased him to 5 oz about every 3 hours during the day
Clothes-Still sporting his 0-3 clothes. Sleepers are definitely getting a little short, but he drowns in 3-6 month. Size 1 diapers
Development- Becoming more and more active everyday. Sitting up in the bumbo longer, holding his head up during tummy time and rolling from his tummy to his back. Also has quite the grip on his toys. Tracks mom and dad and the puppies around the room and turns to our voices.
Crying- Cries when having to stop eating to burp and fusses when he gets tired
Likes/Dislikes- Still loves his baths, weight rattle and TV. He is mesmerized by watching tv. Dislikes not seeing mom or dad around him, getting his nose sucked out, and burping.
Milestones- He has been playing in the jumper at daycare and they said he does great. So we are going to get ours out this weekend. Cole also attended his first softball game, he was able to watch his cousin Sicily play. And of course he had a little photo shoot in honor of Aunt Jojo and her Packers.
Packers gear for Aunt Jojo

softball game

Go big red