Friday, November 30, 2012

Secrets Out

After I took a few pregnancy tests and came up with all POSITIVES, the first person I obviously told was Ross. Since operation baby Gardner has been in full effect for a while, I have had plenty of long runs to think about how I would tell everyone. So on the first day after my period was suppose to start and I had positive pink lines staring at me, which was October 19th, Ross just so happened to be getting back into town after a LONG work trip. Our plan was to go out to eat. While Ross was getting ready, I gave him a box.
It just so happened to be the box my engagement ring came in. I told him when he originally gave this to me, he promised me the world. I told him, " I would like to complete the world you promised me". when he opened it, I had a folded up picture of the positive pregnancy tests. After a few seconds of silence, he looked up at me with tearful eyes and said "Really". After lots of cheerful crying together, we had lots to celebrate!! We could not be happier.

A few weeks later we were going to Minnesota to visit my sisters, and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold in this secret. So, as we were hanging out at Jordan's house, I gave them each a bag containing our secret.
 The note read,' Aunt Jojo, please hold this for me for when I visit you, I will be here June 26th and can't wait to meet you. Love Baby Gardner .Of course, the Palma girls had lots to celebrate!!!

The week of Thanksgiving we let our parents in on the secret. We gave them the following poem printed and put into a frame, Lets just say, we had nothing but tears.

I do not have a face to see, or put inside this frame
I do not have soft cheeks to kiss, I don't yet have a name
You can't yet hold my tiny hands, Nor whisper in my ear
Its still too soon to sing a song, or cuddle me so near
But all will change come June, Thats when they say I'm due
I'm your new grandson or grandaughter, I can't wait till I meet you
All I ask between now and then, Is your patience while I grow
I promise I'll be worth the wait, Because of all the love we'll know. 
So what I have to give you now, is a wish to you from me
I cannot wait to be a part of this wonderful family

Love, Baby Gardner

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  1. oh man i am ALREADY loving how creative you are! :)