Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cole- 14 weeks (September 24, 2013)

Weight-My guess is he is a little over 12lb, but we will see in a few weeks at his 4 month checkup
Health- Still a little congested, mostly in the morning, but it doesn't affect his mood. Using the Nosefrieda in the mornings to clear out his nose-its awesome.Still drooling like crazy, not sure if its teething or what. No problems with reflux, still on Omeprazole
Sleep- Still sleeping from 830 until either 430 when I wake him to eat or sometimes he will sleep until about 6. Naps are getting better. Swaddled, he will take a 1-3 45 minute naps or if we are lucky an almost 2 hour nap. We have found a paci,Nuk brand, that he will take when he goes down for a nap. Usually wakes 10 minutes after being laid down and needs to be soothed by rubbing his belly and paci.
sleeping angel
Diet- Still eating about every 3 hours during the day, 4 oz each time.
Clothes-Still rocking the 0-3 cloths and 1 diapers. 0-3 footed pj's are getting a little bit too short for him, but the gap ones are still good. He wears a lot of rompers from gap or just white onsies and pants/shorts. Sleep sack size small at night.
Development-The last week has been a big week. He is talking more, grabbing at his toys hanging from the playmat, he is able to keep himself entertained with it. Grabbing everything with this hands, especially my hair. Still has brown hair and blueish eyes. Is always kicking his legs-ALWAYS.
playing with his football
Crying- Not too much of this around here these days. Fusses when he is tired or hungry. Even when he wakes up, he just 'coos' to let us know he's awake.
Likes/Dislikes- Loves his playmat, watching tv, baths, singing songs, standing and bearing weight on his legs. Dislikes ears being cleaned out, sun in his face, sitting still for too long at a time.
Milestones- Cole went to his first apple orchard in Nebraska City, he slept in the Bjorn the entire time. He is also doing better at daycare, not as fussy and sleeps a lot better.
apple picking at Kimmel apple orchard

Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy 3 Months Cole Michael!!

A little late, but Happy 3 months Cole. Thank you for completing mommy and daddy's lives, you truly are the best thing to happen to us. We love you!!

Oh, how you have grown!!

Cole- 13 weeks (September 17, 2013)

Weight- Last Friday, he weighed in at 11 lb, 13 oz.
Health- Last week Cole got his first "cold". He has been congested and has a little post nasal drip which causes a little coughing when laying flat. But, his mood hasn't been affected, so it doesn't seem to phase him much. He even is a good boy when Ross and I aspirate the mucous from his nose. I am still dairy free and we are giving it another week to see if it help his irritability, discomfort before pooping and mucousy stools.
Sleep- Still a rockstar at sleeping during the night. Goes down at 830, feeds at 430 before I leave, then wakes up at 730 for dad. Daycare is still working with him to get him to nap. But...Tuesday(9/17) was the first day he slept 2+hours in his crib at daycare!!!! Now we just need to keep that up!!!
Diet- momma's milk. When drinking from a bottle he takes 4 ounces. Eating about every 3 hours during the day. Spitting up afterwards isn't as bad, but still there.
Clothes- All 0-3. Gap and Old Navy is pretty big still, but Carters and Target fit great. Wearing size 1 diapers
Development- He is now grabbing and swatting at toys on his playmat and "scoots" himself with his legs when laying on the floor. Still doing great with tummytime. Eyes are still blue, hair brown (even though he has lost some of it). He is drooling like crazy these days too. "Talking" a ton these days too. Also likes to stand and bear weight on his legs.

Crying- Still the same, fusses when he is hungry or tired(also rubs eyes).
Likes/Dislikes- Likes his playmat a ton these days, baths, and watching his puppies run around the house.
Dislikes having his face washed, sitting in one spot for too long, and taking his medicine.

Milestones- We had our first football party of the year and he was such a little ham, Mr Social. He also rolled from his tummy to his back again.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1 Month Favorites

1.Itzbeen Pocket Nanny This may have been our all time favorite baby item EVER, seriously, NO JOKE. Keeps track of how long Itzbeen(get it :)) since the last feeding and diaper change, how long the babes has been sleeping, a timer if baby needs to be woken to eat and a marker to remember which breast he last ate from. Also has a nightlight and a medication timer. Perfect when the hubby gets up in the middle of the night. He doesn't have to wake you to see when you last fed him or when you are so tired you can barely remember your name, you know when you last cared for baby. This is our go to gift for all our friends who become new parents.
2.My Breastfriend Pillow For all breast feeding mommies, this is a must. At first I didn't think I would like it as much as the boppy, I WAS WRONG. Baby lays so much nicer on it, gives you a back support and you can literally go hands free when feeding. Also has a little pocket for a burp cloth, chapstick, you phone, or 15 saltwater taffies (momma gets hungry sitting there). Cover is removable for washing too.
3.Baby Bjorn carrier This was a lifesaver when I was trying to get tasks done around the house, but baby didn't want to be set down. Very easy to use, comfortable, and can use for all stages of infancy. This is the only reason all my flowers didn't die over the summer. I was able to strap in little man and water plants every morning!
4.Summer Baby touch Monitor This  monitor made us feel so comfortable having Cole sleep in his crib since the day we brought him home. Put the monitor right next to you and its like he's laying right with you. Camera can scan and zoom, there is a speaker so hubby can talk to you while you are in the nursery and he is in the bedroom. Can operate on battery so you can take the monitor anywhere in the house with you. You can also add additional cameras when the next baby comes and are able to watch both.
5. Lansinoh Lanolin Sore, beat up nips are inevitable if you are breastfeeding, I am talking bleeding and cracking-ouch. This stuff is amazing and will heal and sooth them overnight. Thick like butter and safe for baby so no need to wipe off. Don't mess with other brands, this stuff is like liquid love in a tube.
6. Snuggamonkey Bouncer Our little man loves this. Great for naps, sitting baby upright if they have reflux like our guy, and its lightweight and portable. Easy to move from room to room! Have lots of batteries ready though, it will save you a trip to Target at 9 at night if the vibrator stops and baby is sleeping.
7. Lapped Knit Bundler This Gap sleep sack is AMAZING.  So soft, has little mitts to cover babies hands, a little thicker then most bundlers, and makes the many diaper changes so easy because of accessibility. We used these under a swaddle blanket at first, then by itself when we learned our guy hates being swaddled at night. Just stuck a onsie underneath for added warmth.
8.City Mini GT I did so much research on strollers and I am so glad I ended up going with this one. Folds up easy, even with the carseat adapter and has lots of accessories that can be purchased for it. Its lightweight, so you can hold the carseat in one hand and with one pull, the stroller folds up nicely!! This stroller was used everyday during my maternity leave before I got the green light to go back to the gym.  Lots of color options too, I went with the black and shadow. Matches our carseat and can be used for either gender.

That first month is so crazy and confusing, but after we figured out what worked for us, these products really helped make life a little easier. What made your life easier, or less crazy, the first month of your babies life?

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cole- 12 weeks (Septemeber 10,2013)

Weight- Our guess is somewhere around the 12 lb mark, not sure though
Health- Reflux seems good. Spitting up is a TON better. Just a little here and there, no projectile. Lots of drooling though. Also has seemed "stuffed up" when he wakes up in the morning-but clears shortly after. Also has been having some mucousy poops, so we are trying to figure that out-momma went dairy free again. Dr thinks that he has developed a sensitivity-we will see in 2 weeks.
Sleep- Still sleeping from 830pm until 430 am when I WAKE HIM to feed before I go to the gym. He is still protesting naps during the day. Usually gets 2-4 30-45 min naps in. He especially doesn't want anything to do with naps at daycare.
Diet- Momma's milk. When I work he nurses at 4 am before I go to the gym and then 2 times in the evening. He then takes 4- 4ounce bottles during the day.
Clothes- All 0-3 month cloths. They are still a little big on him though. Size 1 diapers
Development- Makes lots of noises, likes to 'talk', especially in the early evening after daycare. Starting to grab on to things like my hair, shirts, my shoulder, and blankets. Still have a blue eyed, brown hair boy.
Crying- He will let you know when his diaper is wet, he's hungry, or tired. He is getting better about 'sitting' with mom and dad on the couch for small periods of time before becoming restless.
Likes/Dislikes- Baths, looking at himself in the mirror, singing songs, and sucking on his fist to sooth himself. Dislikes having his ears cleaned, bright lights, and being left alone in a room.
Milestone- We survived our first week of daycare. It's been a tough transition for him and I am hoping he adapts soon. Luckily he gets lots of snuggles during the day. He attended his first baby shower, for his friend Kennedy, and his first wedding.
catching up on snuggles after a long week at daycare

first NFL sunday for dad and Cole

Kennedy, Cole and Cruz

Krueger wedding rehearsal- LOVE our family
Happy 12 weeks Cole. I don't know where the time has gone, but every minute has been a true blessing. I love you bubba!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cole- 11 weeks (Septemeber 3, 2013)

Football onsie in honor of the start of NFL(its spit up on his shirt, not pee)

Weight- Still unsure, doesn't seem to be putting on a noticeable amount of weight, just filling out a little more
Health- No problems, reflux is good. Still a lot of spitting up and drooling. Still getting a very mild case of cradle cap along his front hairline, but luckily it just looks like dry skin and isn't gross.
Sleep- Still sleeping great at night in a sleep sack in his crib. Naps are improving if he is swaddled, but they could be better. Still gets tired and fights sleep around 4 in the afternoon.
Diet- Breast milk. When taking a bottle he eats 4 oz. We are about every 3 hours during the day and every 2 1/2 in the evening until bed.
Clothes- Officially out of newborn cloths(only took 2 1/2 months), but his 0-3 cloths are pretty baggy on him. 0-3 shorts fit good around his little buddha belly. Size 1 diaper
Development- Loves hearing his voice. Constantly cooing and grunting. Lots of smiles. Eyes are darkening a little, still blue though. Hair is still brown. Starting to grab on to things, like our shirt when holding him or the blanket when doing tummy time. Soothes himself by sucking on his fist, still wont take a pacifier at all( not sure if that's good or bad). Also starting to fight taking his medicine out of a bottle nipple, so we end up pouring it in and its a huge mess usually.
smiles- what a ham

Crying- Besides his fussy time of day (4-6pm) he just lets you know if he is tired or hungry. Or if he has a wet diaper. And hasn't been a fan of car rides lately
Likes/Dislikes- Still loving bath time, his playmat and looking at himself in the mirror, singing songs, and his nightly back rub momma gives him. Dislikes interrupting his eating to burp, sitting still, or having his ears cleaned with a q-tip
Milestones- First day of daycare was on 9/3, his teacher said he did well. Mom did very well too, but I couldn't get to him fast enough after work. He was very tired that evening. More on daycare soon. Attended his first Hawkeye/football party at the Lynch's. He was very good, slept through most of it.
first Hawkeye party