Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cole- 6 weeks (July 30, 2013)

Weight-8lb and 12 oz on 7/31/13
Health- Reflux is under control still, but LOTS of spitting up now. Also has cradle cap on his face which we are treating with 1% Hydrocortizone cream. We are still unsure if he is sensitive to mom eating dairy, we are only about 6 days in, so we need another week to accurately evaluate if  eliminating dairy is helping his gassiness.
Sleep- Great sleeper at night, 6-8 hours. Day is another story. Catnaps through the morning and usually takes a longer nap(2 hrs) late afternoon in his bouncy chair or in the Bjorn. We are working on naps in his crib, but it is a struggle.
Diet- breastmilk
Clothes- still wearing newborn cloths, moved to small sleep sacks because he was too long for the newborn ones, and we are starting to use size 1 diapers due to multiple poopy blowouts
Development-Eyes are still blue, Hair is lightening a little, but still brown. Definitely filling out. Starting to grab at toys on his playmat and holds his pacifier in his mouth
Crying- He likes to hear his voice, thats for sure. Usually gets fussy around 2 in the afternoon and early evening. Calmed down by the range vent or going in the baby bjorn. Daddy also has the magic touch and is able to calm him down quickly
Likes/Dislikes- Likes baths, stroller rides, and the range vent noise. Dislikes naps in his crib, being set down once he falls asleep in your arms, anything restrictive on his body (aka swaddles).
loves his bath time

Milestones- Rolled from his stomach to his back when he was doing tummy time with dad (7/29) and first smile when mom was holding him on 7/31. Also went on his first car trip to MN for Grandpa Terry's birthday celebration. Did awesome on the 6 hr car ride!!

first smile at momma

after rolling over from tummy

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Newborn Pictures

Cole had his newborn pictures when he was 10 days old. Our photographer, Lindsey Ernst, at LE Photograhraphy, did an AMAZING job. She is the same photographer who did our maternity pictures and we were so happy with them too. Cole did an awesome job and slept through the entire shoot. And only one pee episode!

These pictures are so special to me, I know that I will cherish them forever. I still look at them and get teary eyed thinking about the amazing experience this has been. Hope everyone enjoys them as much as we do, and will forever!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cole- 5 weeks (July 23, 2013)

Weight- At our weight check on 7/18 he was 7 lb 6 oz and 20.6 inches in length
Health- Healthy boy, reflux is under control!!! He is spitting up a ton now though.
Sleep- He is a champ in this department. Sleeps anywhere from 6-8 hours at night. Usually sleeps off and on in the afternoons. Mornings are his awake time, except for when we go for our walk he snoozes.
Diet- Breast milk. Every 2-3 hours during the day and will go 6-8 hours at night Getting better with the bottle for his Culturelle, doesn't gulp as much.
Clothes- Still wearing newborn cloths and diapers. Tried to put him in a 0-3 mo sleeper and he was drowning in it. Had to (his idea) expand his newborn wardrobe at baby gap yesterday. The only nb outfit that wont fit are items that have feet in them, legs are too long for that
Development- Doing so well. Really likes looking around at pictures on the wall and window coverings (especially his chevron curtains in the nursery). Neck muscles are getting stronger by the day. Likes tummy time and laying face down on the boppy. Sat in his bumbo for the first time and did so good.
first time in the bumbo
working on his muscles

Crying- Fussy when he is hungry and wet on cue. Also around 10 am and 4 pm he gets a little fussy.
Likes/Dislikes- Still loves his bath time, walks in the mornings and the range hood vent. If he ever is crying, we stand in front of it with it on high, and he quiets right down. Dislikes his swing and putting on the harness in the carseat.
Milestones- We got a smile when we were facetiming daddy (in WA for work), not sure if it was a "true" smile or not.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cole -4 weeks ( July 16, 2013)

Weight- We will find out at our weight check on Thursday. My guess he is pretty close to 7 lbs

Health- No problems. We have gotten the reflux under control with Prilosec (thank God)

Sleep- We got the ok after his good weight gain last week, to let him go 5 hours at night without waking. He usually goes 4.5-5 hours(still in his crib). Sleeps for an hour to an hour and a half at a time during the day, usually in the bouncy chair.
swaddle sack- love it-ARMS OUT of course

Diet-Momma's Milk- every 2 hours during the day. Also has one bottle a day of breastmilk (about 0.5oz mixed with his Culturelle). He is a maniac with the bottle, chugging and getting milk everywhere.

Clothes- Still wearing newborn cloths, my guess is a few more weeks. Newborn diapers too

Development- He is really starting to focus on objects. he also is making the cutest coo's and squeeks. Eyes are still a blue/grey color, no signs of brown yet. As you remember from last weeks picture,he has got a strong neck and is awesome at tummy time.

Likes/Dislikes- Still loves our morning walks with the pups, and likes sitting outside if there is a breeze. Also is calmed by the sound of the stove top vent.

 morning walk with the pups

Milestones- Nothing major. Just feels like he is changing everyday, becoming less of a newborn and more of an infant.

Postpartum- I am feeling great, incision is healing awesome. Will have a post preggo update soon. Go to the Dr. in 2 1/2 weeks and hopefully will get the ok to do more than walk. Very excited for ME time at the gym. Also having major anxiety about daycare. Plan was to send him when I go back to work after Labor day, but I am having second thoughts. I am not sure what other options I have, but I am mildly freaking out about sending an 11 week old to daycare.

Grab button for Busy Bee

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cole's Birth Story

Monday, June 17th started like any other day. Up at 4:30 am, gym at 5 am for some cardio. Then headed to work.  I was having quite a few Braxton Hicks throughout the morning, but didn't think much of it. By mid morning I texted Ross to warm him that these contractions were pretty intense and frequent, more so than they had been. I also started having more what I thought were 'labor like' cramps. By mid afternoon I was feeling a lot better, extra tired, but contractions had let up.

Originally I was planning on doing one last grocery trip Tuesday after work, but for some reason I thought I should go tonight(monday). By the time I got home at about 6:30, I was exhausted. I sat down, put my feet up and took the opportunity to paint my nails for Cole's arrival on Wednesday. I started getting frequent Braxton Hicks again and I knew it was time for bed. After packing my lunch for the next day and setting out my workout cloths for Tuesday morning (yes, I was planning one last upper body lifting day). I went to bed and not even 15 minutes after falling asleep I was woken up by what felt like terrible menstrual cramps. I didn't think much of it until I noticed I was waking up about every 10-15 minutes to these pains. I started timing them and they were almost exactly 11 minutes apart.

At this point I knew what was coming, but was in denial. Really, 24 hours before my scheduled delivery when my family was all going to be here. So I kept trying to sleep, but with each contraction I woke up and Ross did too(due to my loud deep breathing), he would make sure I was ok, then go back to sleep. By 2:30am on June 18th, I couldn't lay anymore and decided to walk laps around the house. I also went to the bathroom and noticed my mucous plug in the toilet. OK, this is really happening. I timed my contractions at that point-6 minutes apart, so I woke Ross up and told him I was going to call the doctor in 20 minutes(still in denial/shock). So at 2:50 am I called and talked to the on call MD- Dr. Norton. She said to meet her at the hospital. So i took a quick shower, Ross did the same, made sure I had everything in my hospital bag, gave the puppies some love, and we left the house about 3:20am. Ross had to stop at work quick because he was suppose to have an arbitration (like a legal hearing) Tuesday morning, and needed to make sure the other attorney had all the documents.

I can still remember clear as day sitting the the front seat, gripping the "oh shit bar" with each contraction I had while he was up on the office. Finally we made it to the hospital at 3:50am. We got checked in, I changed to a hospital gown, they put the fetal monitors on and the nurse checked my cerivx. 95% effaced and 2-3 cm dilated. "Yes" the nurse said, "you are in labor". At this point contractions were 4-5 minutes apart. After the nurse reported back to the MD, they decided to give me a shot of Trebutaline to stop the contractions(any stronger contractions then what I was having would have been no good for my scarred uterus). It worked like a charm, but the negative side effects hit,  heart racing and shaky like I drank 10 red bulls-not fun. At this point Dr Legino (my MD) had called and decided our C-section was happening at 5:45am- 45 minutes away at this point.

waiting for the MD to call with orders
After signing a million forms, starting an IV, texting our parents and siblings(we waited because it was the middle of the night and we didn't know what was going to happen), and Dr. Legino coming in to say hi, I was in a wheelchair being pushed to the OR, Ross at my side.

We arrived in the OR at 5:45 am. I sat on the side of the table, leaning over Ross and they placed my spinal block. After getting positioned on the table, they prepped my abdomen and Dr. Legino announced at 6:02am he was making the incision. The next 4 minutes were a blur, I had so much going through my head and I couldn't believe this was really happening. Then it happend. I heard the most amazing sound, my son crying. I looked at Ross and we were both speechless and in tears. HE WAS HERE,  Cole Michael Gardner at 6:06 am. They took him over to check him out and clean him up. Ross didn't want to leave my side(amazing husband), but I sent him over to be with our son. He was one proud papa.

first family picture
At 7 am we were back in recovery, our son laying skin to skin with me. It was amazing.
I should have know he was going to be like his momma, doing everything on his own time. But, I couldn't have planned it better. We are very blessed that everything went smoothly and our baby boy, weighting 6 lbs and measuring 19.5 inches, was here in our arms.  Ross and I couldn't have asked for more. We are so in love and our lives forever changed and complete.
Gardner, family of 3

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Going to the chapel and their, GONNA GET MARRIED

Last Saturday, my baby sister got engaged!!!! Her boyfriend (now fiance), took her up in a  friends plane and had 'MARRY ME'  written on their roof in Christmas lights. When he popped the question, he had a neighbor (who is a firework freak) light off a commercial grade Firework display. Seriously, cue the tears.

It was so thought out and had so many personalized details. Joe, future brother in law, you done good!!! And, to put the cherry on top, THE RING. I have only seen it through a picture, but I hear it is even more  AMAZING in person.

 Congrats to the happy couple. I cannot wait to be a part of your very special day. Paige, you are gonna make a breathtaking bride. Joe, you are a lucky boy.I love you both and cannot wait for the big day.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cole- 3 weeks (July 9, 2013)

Weight-on 7/8 we had a weight check at the doctor and he is up to 6 lb 7 oz. We are relieved.

Health- Was started on Omeprazole and Culturelle for his reflux at his 2 wk appt. We have seen some improvement, but need to give it time to really evaluate it. Otherwise he is healthy.

Sleep-  Since he didn't gain weight at the last appt we have needed to wake Cole up every 3 hours at night time. But he is able to eat, get his diaper changed and go right back to sleep. Sleeps for 1-2 hour periods during the day. Still sleeps in his crib at night, usually in his swing or chair during the day.

Social-  Went to the Phillips' for 4th of July and was cuddled up. Then last Sunday we had a Gardner/Manganaro get together at Grammie and Nanu's.
hanging out on 4th of July

Diet-Breastmilk. Eating well, no problems latching on. Also pumping to have some back up in the freezer. Also he gets a bottle with 1 ounce of milk mixed with his Culturelle every day.

Cloths- Still wearing just newborn cloths,beginning to fill out the waist bands of the pants. Newborn diapers

Development- Beginning to coo and make cute little baby noises. Really looking around at everything. Wiggles free from his swaddle at night, so going back to Halo sleep sacks. Rolling around onto his side while doing diaper changes. He can hold his head up for almost 10 seconds while doing tummy time on the boppy.
Look at that strong neck
Crying-Fusses when he is hungry and still has his crying episodes when reflux sets in. Has had a good week over all, but Sunday was a bad reflux day, cried for 90 minutes. Broke Ross and I's heart.

Likes-Still loves his arms/hands. Always moving them around. Loves his walks with his puppies. Also LOVES to be in the baby bjorn. Usually thats how momma gets stuff done in the afternoon.

Milestone- Had his first real bath on July 4th and loved it. Also let mom and dad watch a few movies this week (he slept thru both of them). Also we went out to dinner, nothing fancy, Firehouse subs. But it was nice to get out as a family.

Monday, July 8, 2013

What I didn't realize

Obviously the list of things that change your life after having a baby is 10 miles long. But for the most part, they are also things that people have warned me of or that I have read about in baby books. You will always be tired, you may not be able to shower most days, you will go through 12 diapers a day, or that enjoyable Target trips will never be the same.

There are a few things that I didn't realize though, no matter how many books I read or people I have talked to. First, I never realized how much noise I make doing the most simple tasks. When Cole is sleeping and I am trying to get things done around the house, you better believe I am tip toeing around. But little did I know, everything is LOUD.  Getting ice from the ice maker, putting dishes away, vacuuming, playing with the dogs, its impossible to stay quite.

Second, I will never be on time while toting around an infant. Just when you think you are going to leave, a poopy diaper happens or you can't find a pacifier. I have gotten a little better with starting my 'getting ready to leave' routine, but let me tell you, YOU BETTER BE ON YOUR GAME. Otherwise you will end up forgetting something.

So what is the big picture here?? Always keep an open mind, nothing will go as planned and instead of getting worked up about it, just go with it. No sense in stressing about things that I can't control.

Cole- 2 weeks (July 2, 2013)

Weight-Did not have any weight gain, still at 5 lb 15 oz

Health-Cole has something going on with his tummy. Not for sure if its reflux, but he screams bloody murder after most feedings (mostly afternoon and evening). Also has painful looking burps associated with it and he is very difficult to sooth. Seriously breaks our heart.

Sleep- Sleep is great at night, anywhere from 4-6 hours at a time. Sleeps little periods at a time during the day, not more than 1 1/2 hours at a time.

Social-  Still getting daily visitors to love up on our little peanut. All our family and friends have been able to stop by.

Diet- Breastmilk- ALL.THE.TIME. I feel like he gets done eating, burps, and is rooting around for more. At night he has his last feeding around 11, then usually doesn't wake until around 4.

Cloths- Newborn cloths. Had to go buy some more because I couldn't keep up with washing his handful of newborn outfits. Still uses newborn diapers

Development- Beginning to folllow Ross and I's voice. Practicing tummy time and is very good at holding up his strong little head. He is always kicking during diaper changes and his arms are always flying all over the place. Hands are in his mouth when he gets hungry.

Crying-Only cries when reflux sets in after feedings. Sometimes it lasts 20 minutes, other times over an hour. Its the worst sound I have ever heard.

Likes-Loves getting his hair washed under the faucet. Also Likes walks in his stroller. Likes his vibrating chair. Dislikes being burped over the shoulder and diaper changes. Also is not a fan of being swaddled at night.

Milestone- His belly button 'stump' fell off on 6/29, noticed it while getting him ready for his newborn pictures.

Cole- 1 week (June 25, 2013)

Our little prince is one week old today, I can barely believe it. It has been so fun getting to know his little personality, his likes and dislikes. We are very blessed with a healthy little man. Everyday I try to take it all in, enjoying every moment I can. I know this newborn stage is very short lived.

Weight- at his 4 day appointment he was 5 lb 15 oz, up from his hospital discharge weight of 5 lb 12 oz

Health- No problems, we think he may be coming down with reflux after eating though. His little hands and feet are shedding his 'protective skin'. Belly button and circumcision are healing well

Sleep- He has been a great sleeper, especially at night.  Sleeps about 3-4 hours at a time. He doesn't like being swaddled to tight though and definitely doesn't like his arms in the swaddle.

Social-  Little man has had non stop visitors. Aunt Jojo, Aunt Paige and Grandma and Grandpa Stewart are here in town from MN.

Diet- Breastmilk. Didn't latch on to the right at first, but is doing great now. A great eater and always hungry. Ready to eat at least every 2 hours during the day.

Cloths- Swimming in his newborn cloths and wearing newborn diapers

Development-  Cole is a strong little guy. He can pull his head up on his own and has a strong kick. Passed his hearing test, bilirubin test and oxygen sat tests before leaving the hospital.

Crying-Unfortunately we hear a lot of crying associated with what we think is reflux. Otherwise he just fusses when he is hungry

Likes- Likes to have his hands up by his face all the time, especially when sleeping.

Milestone-  Slept in his crib in his nursery since we got home from the hospital. Not sure if that's a milestone for him or us.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Life Lately

Well, we have made it two weeks. The first week was more adjusting to the reality that there is an infant in our house that eats every hour (or at least it felt that way), sleeps all the time, and is always awake when we want to sit down to dinner. But, every time I laid eyes on Cole, I fell in love with him more and more. His funny little facial expressions when he sleeps, his skinny little appendages, that full head of dark hair, and of course those big dark eyes (look kinda blue now, but will probably change). I loved every second of that first week. It is crazy to think I am not pregnant anymore, and I do miss my baby bump. But, I love having my little Cole bear here.

Then came the second week. Cole started getting very upset after feedings, especially in the evening, and started burping and refluxing. It hurts him so bad, the look on his face when that acid comes up, brings tears to my eyes every time. And the cry, he makes the worst bone chilling scream when it is happening. Sometimes he can be soothed after 20 minutes, sometimes its over an hour. I just feel so helpless, watching this tiny little person suffer. We have gone to the pediatrician and he has started him on Omeprazole and Culturelle. The only bad part is the medication takes up to a week to start working, so until then, with each feeding, we don't know if his reflux is going to flare up.

So, needless to say, I have been a little preoccupied. Not necessarily physically, because Ross is AWESOME at soothing him day or night when I break down because my heart is hurting for my little man. But more emotionally and mentally, I am constantly worried and reading way to much on the internet. Ross has banned me from Google.

So, I do have the first 2 week updates and his birth story coming, hopefully by this weekend. It's just a matter of transferring it from my journal to the computer. But here is a little Cole in the mean time. SERIOUSLY, IN LOVE WITH THIS LITTLE MAN.

mad face

watching Good Morning America with momma