Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cole- 10 weeks (August 27, 2013)

Weight- Not sure, will have to stick little man on the scale next time I am at the grocery store-kidding
Health-  No issues. Reflux shows its ugly head a few times a week, but doesn't seem to bother Cole very much.
Sleep- Last week after his shots he woke up once each night to feed at like 1am due to his sleeping ALL DAY. But we are back to sleeping thru the night, down at 8-9 and up to feed before momma goes to the gym at 4. Naps usually happen 2-3 times a day for 30 min-1 1/2 hours. More on our new found naps here. 
Sleeps in a sleep sack at night and have been swaddling some of the times during naps.
Diet- Momma's milk, about every 2 1/2- 3 hours during the day. When getting a bottle he gets 4 ounces. And YES, we take Tommee Tippee bottles!!
Clothes- Still fit into some newborn rombers, but are pretty much transitioned to 0-3 month onsies and shorts. Size 1 diapers
Development- Eyes are still a shade of blue, hair is lightening a little, but still brown. Filling out well, chubby little cheeks and thigh rolls are developing nicely!! He's a very strong little boy, lots of kicking with his legs, able to hold his head up when doing tummy time and batting at toys on his mat. Cooing more and more and beginning to mimic mouth movements.
Crying- Doing much better in this department. Fusses when he is hungry, tired or has a belly ache and has to poop. But the colic-like baby has disappeared!!!
Likes/Dislikes- Loves baths, singing songs, eating, watching his puppies play and mat time. Dislikes being hot, burping between ounces or breast, and stopping at stop lights when riding in the car.
Milestones- Nothing major, we survived our first shots with just a little fever spike afterwards. Getting to be a much better shopping buddy, he can give about 2 hours. Spent the evening with Grammie Jan and Nanu while mom and dad went to a wedding last Saturday.
enjoying our days together

Happy 10 weeks Cole!! Mom and Dad love you so much and enjoy seeing your personality come alive more and more each day. This is the last week we get to spend together before mom goes back to work, but lets not think about that now.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And then there was light

As I had previously mentioned in Cole's weekly updates he is not a napper, especially in his crib. Well since he is starting daycare in a week, this was causing me severe anxiety. They nap in their cribs there, unfortunately there isn't enough caretakers to hold him while he naps, like at home. All I could picture was him screaming and not napping and being an unhappy little guy. I know that won't actually happen, but in my hormonal brain, that's how I see it.

Well, somehow over the past week, it just clicked. He has allowed me to lay him down 50% asleep and he will nap anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours, in his crib!!!! Swaddling, in a swaddle sack, which we do not do at night, helped for naps, who knew!!! This made for a very happy momma. Its not consistent, but it's possible, and that's all I needed!!

Fast Forward to last Thursday, it's afternoon, when I usually give him a bottle and he HATES every second of it.  We have tried every bottle out there and we had yet to find one that he did not choke and gag with causing him to scream and become very irritable. Well, I had one more bottle, a Tommee Tippee (the very first bottle I ever got) that I had yet to try. I had read that the flow was WAY faster then any other nipple, so I obviously held out on that one. I found the Breastflow by The first year worked pretty good, but not perfect, so we had been using that. But, there were conflicting reports about it being BPA free-so I was still on the look out for a new bottle. I was desperate to find something. Back to Thursday, I am in the cupboard grabbing a bottle and figured, might as well try the TT. Well, much to my surprise, he took it awesome. No gagging and crying only when had to be burped, because he doesn't want to stop eating. I was so excited I had tears in my eyes, no joke.

This shed light not only on the napping and bottle situation for me, but on babies in general. You can't rush a baby or 'make' him do anything. They will do everything they are supposed to, how they are supposed to, when they are good and ready. No matter how many books you read or blog posts, every baby is different. And if you try to compare what your baby is doing to another, you will drive yourself crazy.

So, if you are worried because your baby only will sleep in a swing or when being held, give it time. Let your baby tell you what they want and go with it. IT WILL ALL WORK OUT. And the most important thing, do not compare your baby to what google or anyone else for that matter says. I promise this will lead to a very frustrated momma. Do what works for you at that time. Whether that be a strict schedule or not, crib or bassinet, long naps or cat naps, listen to your baby and what makes your life work. Don't force anything that doesn't feel comfortable. Like my situation, it will just happen when your baby is ready.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cole- 9 weeks (August 20, 2013)

Weight- At his 2 month check up yesterday the little man was 10 lb, 5 oz( 8th percentile) 22.75 in long (34th percentile) and head circumference was 15.5 inches (60th percentile). We have a growing boy!!
Health- Reflux comes and goes, but it doesn't seem to make him too uncomfortable. Otherwise healthy as a horse. Had his 2 month check up, no problems. Did have to get 3 shots and he did great. He was such a snuggle bug the entire afternoon.
battle wounds and cute chubby thighs
Sleep- Still sleeping 8-9 hours at night, I wake him up at 4:15 before I go to the gym. Naps change everyday. The past week or so he has only wanted to sleep if he is held. He usually cat naps through the morning, in my arms or in his swing. We have been able to get about an hour long nap in the afternoon the past few days. Naps continue to be a struggle. Today he slept pretty much all day, wore out from his shots yesterday.
Diet- Breastmilk. The day feedings are starting to stretch out a bit, usually every 2 1/2-3 hours. Have been trying to get him used to the bottle, this is a struggle. We haven't found a bottle that he doesn't cry with or act like he is drowning in milk. I have a few more to try this week. When he does take a bottle it is 3 1/2 ounces. Still has lots of spit up, we have burp cloths in every room.
Cloths- Still wearing newborn onsies, but he is fitting into some of his 0-3 cloths. Not Gap though, their cloths are so wide. Small Halo sacks and 0-3 sleep sacks from Gap for pj's. I did pack up his newborn sleep sacks and a few newborn outfits. Size 1 diapers
Development-  He is cooing a ton and really using his voice. He always coo's when we are in the car listening to Kenny Chesney- that a boy!! Recognizes Ross and I 's voice and his neck strength is awesome.  Eyes are still blue and hair is brown.
Crying-  This has gotten A TON better. It has turned to more fussing, rather than crying- AMEN.  Usually has a fussy time around 11 am and again around 4 pm, but is soothed by bouncing him and walking around. Even at night if he wakes up at 415 before I get to him, he just does a cute little whimper.
Likes/Dislikes- Likes bathtime every other night, walks in the stroller, and sleeping chest to chest (but he is a heat producer). Dislikes bottles, naps in his crib, wet diapers, and stopping at stoplights when we are in the car (starts crying). Also is a homebody. When he is out of his element he gets restless and crabby.
favorite position to lay in

Milestones-  Did great at Todd and Melissa's wedding bbq- everyone was able to hold him. We all survived first set of shots!

A few words about Breastfeeding

I have always known I wanted to breastfeed, wasn't really an option in my eyes. I think it is not only an amazing bonding experience with your baby, but the health benefits are like nothing you could duplicate. Not being able to breastfeed was one of my biggest fears once Cole was born. I was scared he wouldn't latch on, which he didn't right away, or that I would have problems producing enough milk. But after a few weeks of stressing and painful nipples, it's becomes second nature.

Don't get me wrong, I don't judge or think people who formula feed their babies are wrong. Yeah, I  personally think breast milk is better, but I don't  think breastfeeding is for everyone. A lot of factors go into it. You have to be 100% dedicated to it in order to make it successful and easy on momma, and for some people, its just not possible.  You are connected to either your baby or your pump, for however long you want to breastfeed, at all times. And remember, breastmilk is digested faster than formula, so those babies are ALWAYS HUNGRY. Like every 2 hours hungry and when they cluster feed, might as well just keep them latched on at all times. So, you might have a baby like mine that sleeps through the night from the first night home, but that doesn't mean momma gets to sleep through the night. If you want to keep your supply up and not feel like your boobs are going to explode, you gotta get up at least every 4 hours to pump. Plus this gives you a chance to build up your supply if you want to escape for a few hours and have them take a bottle of pumped milk. But don't get too excited, gotta get home and pump or feed. And please, I beg you, don't ever leave the house without breastpads, you will regret it after about 2 hours or if there is a crying baby around you. I learned my lesson with a trip to pick Cole up a few items and it was crying baby day inside Baby Gap. My grey tee had little wet marks, not the look I was going for.

So, what could possibly go wrong if your not dedicated??First, if you don't express milk enough, you have the potential for clogged ducts and god forbid, mastitis. Ain't no one got time for that. Trust me, when your baby is sleeping at night, the last thing you want to do is get up and pump, but you have to. Then there are the sore, bleeding nipples, I LOVE YOU LANOLIN. Oh, and having to buy a new wardrobe that easily accommodates to breast feeding isn't something you think of. But trust me, at 3 am, you don't wanna mess around with anything but a simple snap. And then you have the stress of  'what about when I go back to work'? It seriously is not for the weak. I commend any momma that exclusively breast feeds for any amount of time, it's a lifestyle and you do have to mold your life around it. And then you have the possibility of baby having sensitivities or allergies to food you are eating, this we will touch on in a bit-no bueno.

Enough of the not so glamorous sides of breast feeding, lets get to the good stuff. Breast feeding has taught me to chill. You can't multitask while feeding, so it forces me to sit, and enjoy my baby. And have you seen the price of formula these days, holy crap. So, just think of the money you are saving that can go towards cute little baby cloths or more Lanolin (seriously, its that good).  I am not even going to go into the health and physical benefits for momma and baby of breast feeding. I think everyone knows and if not, just think, we make milk for a reason, its made to sustain life and help baby be as healthy and happy as possible. And the convenience of it is awesome. I leave the house with Cole and all I really need are a few diapers and wipes. No bottles, formula, bottled water, just the boob-check!!

My journey started off rough, Cole wouldn't latch on and I wasn't making much at first, and that led to him not gaining weight properly and me stressing out to a point that I couldn't sleep. Well just when we were thinking we would have to supplement and my heart sinking, it just fell into place. He started eating like a champ and I was a milk machine. Now, only 2 months in, I have an entire freezer full of milk for when I go back to work or need some alone time at Target and daddy can give him a bottle. It was tough like I said above, getting up in the middle of the night to pump, but now it's just part of my schedule. I will take it if it means Cole sleeps 9 hours at night. And, it does suck that I can't go to far from my baby or pump for too long, but I am ok with it. I dedicated myself to this and all that comes with it. So, for the weddings coming up, I either have to leave early to come home and pump/feed or get a very large clutch that my pump can fit in-does Coach make that yet?? And once I start back to work, even though I may have crazy busy days, i am going to have to find time to pump.

At about 1 month of age, I started noticing Cole being extra fussy, having some mucous in his poop and being a little gassy. Well, I went to the all knowledgeable Dr. Google (fyi-STAY AWAY), and it was sounding like my baby had a dairy intolerance. I was eating greek yogurt at least twice a day and loved sharp cheddar cheese for a pre-dinner snack. So, I took a 2 week hiatus from dairy, not fun, and noticed a little change, but didn't know if it was from him maturing into a fun little 2 month old, or if he really was sensitive. Well, I went back on dairy, and nothing changed. Then, my mind was going a million miles a minute and I was thinking he was allergic to something else, the eggs I eat on a daily basis, nuts, didn't like the my morning caffeine fix??? I was driving myself and Ross crazy. Before I went to a water and toast diet, I gave myself a break. Stopped worrying and just decided I am trying to find an excuse why I have a fussy baby. Food sensitivities and allergies are not as common as people think, but it does happen. Lets keep our fingers crossed that I was being dramatic (shocker).

Overall, my experience has been very good. I read A TON about what helps and what hurts breast feeding and everything associated with it- like I said, I am in for the long haul and wanted to be fully educated. It's not just something you can do, its a lifestyle in my eyes, for however long you choose. So, if I could just leave you with a few tips that have made my experience a positive one;

*Do not go more than 4-5 hours without feeding or pumping, it will hurt and could potentially affect your milk production.

* Eat lots of good healthy fats. Nut butter, avocado's, raw nuts, and salmon to name a few. And oatmeal in my eyes, is the best food to keep milk production up. Don't know why, it just is. Plus it keeps you full if you don't get to another meal for awhile.
my breastfeeding power food

* Do not try to diet or cut calories while breastfeeding. Your body needs calories to make milk, if it doesn't get it, it won't make milk.

* WATER, WATER , WATER. I am talking 3-4 liters a day. Put a bottle of water wherever you nurse and finish the entire thing while you nurse.

* Get your sleep. Stress and sleep deprivation can also cause low milk production.

*Buy a good pump. I have the Medela double pump and that bad boy can get all the milk out in 10 minutes, that is very tolerable. My insurance company would have paid for some lower grade pump, but I did not want to mess around with pumping for 30 minutes at a time. I love my Medela.

* Buy a supportive sports bra for when you get the ok to return to working out. I mean so tight you can barely get the sucker on. Nothing hurts more than bouncy boobs that are already sensitive and growing by the minute.

Moving Comfort sports bras are a must

* Educate your significant other about breast feeding. Just because we have the goods, doesn't mean they shouldn't know everything about it too. Especially about the care of breastmilk. How long and where it can be stored and how to prepare are most important.

*Buy at least 3-4 extra sets of parts. No one wants to wash and sterilize parts in the middle of the night.

* Lansinoh brand Lanolin, its thick like butta baby and feels so good on the nips.

*Boppy's work great for propping baby, but the Breastfriend is the bomb, highly recommend.

*Invest in a nice chair to nurse in, you will be spending lots of time in that special place!!
my special place

* Make lots of room in the freezer. I didn't anticipate making as much milk as I have. And now the frozen chicken breast have little room to mingle.

* Last, but certainly not least. Enjoy each feeding. It doesn't last long and its such an amazing bonding time. I love my time with Cole, listening to Kenny Chesney, rocking in our chair( not blue though- for the KC fans).

So, like I said, breastfeeding isn't for everyone. The most important thing is to make your decision, and stick with it. Don't second guess yourself. If you formula feed and your kid is sick all the time, don't wonder if it would have been different with breastfeeding, you'll  drive yourself nuts. You are doing what works for you. And if you are bound and determined to breastfeed, its going to suck for a few weeks and you will probably shed a few tears. But I promise, it gets easier and you will be so happy you stuck with it!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy 2 months Baby G!!!

Thank you for the best 2 months of our lives, we love you Cole!!!

Love, mom and dad

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cole- 8 weeks old (August 13, 2013)

Weight- unsure, we will find out next week at his 2 month appt. My guess is 9 1/2 lb
Health-  Reflux has flared up this past week. It doesn't seem to hurt him too much though.
Sleep- Still sleeping 7-8 hours at night, he is pretty restless, but if he wakes up he usually soothes himself back to sleep. Daytime is another story. Bubba does not like naps. He cat naps through the morning, but fights an afternoon nap. Everyday is different with naps depending on if we are running errands or hanging at home.
Diet- Breastmilk.  He HATES drinking from a bottle, but we are working on it. He has a good latch, just prefers straight from momma
Clothes- Still wearing newborn size cloths, but can fit into a few Target and Old Navy 0-3 month clothes. Size 1 diapers
Development- Smiling and cooing a lot more. Does a lot of tummy time and playing on his activity mat.He also is starting to recognize Ross and I's voice.
Crying- Cries when he is hungry (which is all the time) and when he is fighting sleep. Still gets fussy when he is out of his element (home).
Likes- Loves his playmat, bathtime, and singing songs together. Dislikes being burped, drinking from bottles, having too many clothes on and being hot. And he still isn't a huge fan of shopping, I usually get about an hour and a half before he goes bananas.
playtime on the activity mat

ahh, that face makes my heart melt
Milestone- Cole was baptized on Sunday the 11th and he looked so cute in his little tie. He did such a good job in church. Mom and dad had their first date night last friday while Aunt Jojo watched Cole.
in his Sunday best

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cole- 7 weeks (8/6/13)

Weight- won't know for sure until his 2 month check up, but definitely gaining weight
Health-  No problems here. Reflux seems under control and tolerable to him. He did have a case of cradle cap on his face that we treated with 1% Hydrocortizone cream.
Sleep-  Still sleeps great at night, 6-8 hours at a time. Goes down between 8-9 and usually wakes between 4-5 for a feeding, then again between 7-8 am. He does fight going to sleep at night, but we are working on him soothing himself to sleep-it sucks. Daytime is still a struggle, he doesn't like to take naps, especially in his crib. He cat naps through the day.
Diet- Momma's Milk. Had what I think was a growth spurt the last few days, so he has wanted to nurse every hour and a half.
Clothes- Still fits most of his newborn cloths, getting so close to wearing 0-3 month. Size 1 diapers.
Development- He is changing like crazy. Smiles, coos, and really focuses on contrasting colors. Still has baby blue eyes and hair is still brown.
Crying- He can be a fussy baby, depends on the day. Usually later afternoon and bedtime are his fussy times. Or if he has been in his carseat too long he will let you know. 
Likes- LOVES bathtime, walks, his playmat, playing in just his diaper and hanging in the Bjorn while mom waters her flowers or cooks dinner. Dislikes drinking out of bottles and having a dirty diaper.
naked floor time

loves his playmat

Milestones- No more newborn diapers, Smiling when mom and dad make funny faces.

Happy 7 weeks Baby G, we love you!!!