Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Gardner- 35 weeks

How far along? 35 weeks
Total weight gain.  1 pound gain this week, 21 lbs total.
Baby Development. Little man is officially preparing to join this world, as described here . He is mostly in the plumping up stage. He won't get much longer, just put on a pound or so of baby fat before birth. His hearing is totally developed too
Maternity Cloths? With warmer weather I am able to wear my old dresses and maxi skirts. But I did find a few cute maternity dresses as seen above
Stretch Marks? Still clear
Sleep? Back to waking up around 2 am for a trip to the bathroom, but otherwise no problems sleeping
Best Moment of the week? After our 35 week appt, our MD wanted to make sure I wasn't having any problems with my old incision, so we had an ultrasound and everything looked good. We also had our maternity pictures this week. Can't wait to see them! Oh, and the nursery is pretty much ready and all the baby swings/bouncers are up and ready to go. And I had a massage that was AMAZING!!!
Symptoms? Still having quite a few Braxton Hicks and lots of pressure around my old incision. If I sit too long I get diaphragm pain. And my energy level has definitely decreased in the last week.Also I have experienced what I think are very mild contractions, felt like baby menstrual cramps.
Food cravings? Fruit and yogurt is still the only thing that sounds good usually.
Miss anything? Not peeing every hour, going up a set of stairs without getting winded, and being able to order cloths online without questioning if they will fit.
Movement? This guy is still moving quite a bit during the day, I am trying to soak it all in.
Gender ? Little baby boy
Belly Button in or out? Still in,but getting very large.
Goals for upcoming week?  Get the hospital bag packed, order my breast pump, get car seat bases installed and get my flowers pots and beds planted-weather is not cooperating.
Looking Forward to?  Hospital tour is this week, and also looking forward to reaching my 'full term' mark
Thoughts? Every night before I go to bed I like to act as if I am going to wake up in the middle of the night in labor (i am a planner, what can I say). My pantry and freezer are full with easy go to meal options, I stocked up on essentials such as toilet paper, dog food, laundry supplies, and snack foods. I have kept up with the laundry and dishes and make sure to 'pick up' before I go to sleep. I think, without jinxing myself, I am almost ready.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Pregnancy Must Haves

*****Pregnancy Must Haves*****

Palmer's Tummy Butter- Used this from about 4 months on about 2 times a day. Its super thick, like butter, and greasy, but sooooo worth it. Improved existing stretch marks on my low back and fingers crossed, prevented anymore.
Quest Bars- Ate one of these as a mid morning or mid afternoon snack almost everyday. I favored the Apple pie, coconut cashew, and  cinnamon roll flavors. They have a ton of fiber, no artificial sweetener, 20 grams of protein, and have a lot of flavors to choose from. They are kind of pricey, but so worth it. This is actually something I craved almost my entire pregnancy.
Fage Greek Yogurt- I literally went through at least 2 family size cartons of this a week. Great in smoothies, with fruit, in overnight oats, or added to a cup of granola. Loads of protein and calcium and so yummy!
Green Mountain Decaf French Vanilla coffee- I have never drank coffee for it's caffeine affect, rather the warm tasty feeling in my belly mid morning. So the decaf version was no problem to adapt to. After my first trimester when coffee made me want to vomit, I enjoyed this almost every morning with a little stevia and Italian Cream coffee creamer.
Tinted SPF moisturizer- This is the stuff we sell at my work and I am OBSESSED with it. During my first and second trimester I always had breakouts that would leave little red dots for weeks. So this moisturizer did the trick at covering it up, without looking like I was puttying my face. Plus it has SPF in it. I use this everyday and love it
Water, Water, Water- Before I got pregnant I was a huge water drinker to begin with. Now, I can't get enough of it. This is actually my exact water bottle which typically I filled 4-5 times a day.
Tinted self tan lotion- This VS self tanner was a life saver to feeling like a beached whale. I did lots of research of the ingredients and asked my doctor who said it was completely safe after the first  trimester. Gaining weight is one thing, but being pasty and feeling heavy is no BUENO. Unfortunately, Victoria's Secret only sells it at certain times and when they do I usually buy about 15(no lie). Thanks to my SIL, it is a must have.
Body pillow- I have been very grateful to sleep very soundly this entire pregnancy. I do believe a lot of it is due to my TWO body pillows I prop myself between. Granted Ross and I can't cuddle because I have a pillow mote around me, but no one likes a non sleeping pregnant women, so sacrifices are made.
Victoria Secret Supermodel Pants- These bad boys have been a life saver. The wide forgiving waist band and stretchy material have followed me through my entire pregnancy without giving you a muffin top affect. And I have a feeling they will do the same post-partum. They come in longs too, so my 5'9" frame doesn't look like I am waiting for a flood. I wore these running errands, working out, and around the house. No other pant like it.
Spinning Class- When running wasn't an option per my doctors orders at the beginning of my pregnancy and after 5 months when it got too uncomfortable to run, spinning class was my life saver. I got an awesome workout in, my gym offered 5 am classes, and my instructor was the most amazing pregnant women herself. Loved it. Paired with my heart rate monitor, I didn't feel like my workouts took a backseat to pregnancy.

Monday, May 20, 2013

We have Engagement folks!!

So, at our 35 week appointment this morning, I was telling the doctor that my Braxton Hicks have been kicking my butt and that they are pretty "intense" especially around my myomectomy scar. Not painful, just takes my breath away for a second. So, to be safe, he wanted to do a pelvic exam.

Well, he didn't have to go far to find a little peanut head. This little man is at zero station. In laymen terms, baby's head is down halfway into my pelvis. The doctor kind of took me by surprise when he began the exam. The first thing he said was "Wooo, this baby is low".

An example of what's going on in there

And to be sure that my uterine incision isn't starting to dehisce(aka bulge out) because of the engagement(when the baby's head or butt ,if he is breech, enters the pelvis-classified from -3 to +3),  we are doing an ultrasound Wednesday. We will see what happens.  And his final words to us were, "you have everything ready for him right?". Shit just got real.

How am I suppose to go to work after that and concentrate on anything other than this baby being here sooner than a month???? I guess I better get my hospital bag packed.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baby Gardner- 34 weeks

How far along? 34 weeks
Total weight gain.  No gain as of a few days ago, still at 20 lbs total. But I have a feeling next week will definitely be a gaining week.
Baby Development. Baby has probably settled into the head-down position (i can't tell). Organs are now almost fully mature, except for the lungs, and the skin is pink instead of red. Fingernails reach the ends of fingers, but toenails are not yet fully grown.
Maternity Clothes? With the warm weather I am wearing my normal dresses and skirts-extra snug of course. And I am  testing the limit with my work scrubs
Stretch Marks? Fingers and toes are still crossed that this stays a NO
Sleep? Sleeping very well, I do wake up sore in the morning though-not sure why
Best Moment of the week? We got a Pediatrician!!! Also nursery wall decorations are all in, just working on personalizing them.
Symptoms? Oh, Mr Braxton Hicks, you kicked my butt this week. Also reflux returned this week. Me and mint tums-connected at the hips.
Food cravings? Fruit. Nothing else sounds very good most of the time.
Miss anything? My waistline, killer workouts, and  a yummy mojito
Movement? Still lots of movement with frequent hiccups
Gender ? Little baby boy
Belly Button in or out? Still in, but getting pretty even with the belly.
Goals for upcoming week?  make my final list of what I still need off my registry, install the baby camera, start washing cloths and blankies
Looking Forward to?  Dr. appt Monday and Maternity pictures Saturday!!!
Thoughts? It seems so surreal that we are down to less than a month. It's so hard to believe. I find myself sitting in Baby G's room, trying to imagine what it's going to be like. I still cannot believe it. I don't think it will hit me until I am laying on the OR table.  But, at the same time, I am ready. I cannot wait to be a mommy!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Though we shouldn't just appreciate our momma's one day a year, I do like to take this day to reflect/remind myself just who my mom is. She is kind, she has taught me to be a very independent women, and she has passed on many skills that I will use when my little guy gets here.

And even though she is 6 hours away, I know I can call for advice and she will be there to talk me through any problems. Being apart has made me appreciate the time we do have together even more. Though I am a little worried that Baby G wont see Grandma Judy as much as I would like, I know we will both make an effort to make sure he see's as much of her as possible. I love you mom, Happy mothers Day!

And for me, this Mother's Day is extra special. I know next year is going to be amazing because I will officially be a 'mother' and I will have my little guy here to celebrate with me, but I still feel like this year might be my favorite. I am blessed with the ability to experience something that not everyone is able to experience. And even the people who are able to experience pregnancy, they only get to do it a few times in their life. So on this Mothers Day, my present is the little kicks and hiccups I get to feel. I love them and smile with each one. This is such a surreal time, not only because of the little man growing inside me, but because of the life that lies ahead for me. I cannot wait to show my mom the appreciation I have for her by being the best mom I know how to be. Happy Mothers Day!

Baby Gardner- 33 weeks

How far along? 33 weeks
Total weight gain.  Down 3lbs this week(dr said this is normal) so a total of 20 lbs total
Baby Development.  Measuring about 17 inches long, he weighs around 5lbs, from this week until two weeks before birth, he will gain about a half-pound of weight every week.
Maternity Clothes? Still just using a few pairs of maternity pants, mixed with old tops and old dresses and skirts-gotta love warm weather!!
Stretch Marks? Still clear and still using belly butter like it's my job
Sleep? No problems here, one bathroom break a night and a nice body pillow is all I need
Best Moment of the week? Had my breast feeding class and it gave me so much more confidence.
Symptoms?  Lots of Braxton Hicks and TONS of pressure on my diaphragm. It gets uncomfortable sitting at 90 degrees for too long(ie- 2 1/2 hr movie and only a small popcorn to keep my occupied=NO BUENO)
Food cravings?  Strawberries, pineapple, yogurt and granola and my coconut cashew and apple pie protein bars. I know- boring and too healthy, what can I say I am growing a little muscle head in there!
Miss anything? Not peeing every hour.
Movement?Still moving like crazy. Gets the hiccups a ton, especially at night
Gender ? Little baby boy
Belly Button in or out? Still in!!!
Goals for upcoming week?  Hopefully get my wall decor in the mail and finish up the nursery. Also decide how I am going to organize this little guys cloths, he has so many.
Looking Forward to?  Finally nice weather has found its way to Omaha!! Lots of dog walks, getting my flower pots looking good, and hopefully meeting our potential pediatrician this week!
Thoughts? Even though I am so excited to meet my little peanut, this is going so fast. How am I 8 1/2 months pregnant with a 5 lb baby inside me-i know. I feel ready, but I am so nervous that he is going to be here early. With my family 6 hours away, I need him to stay in there until our big day. Until that day gets here, I am going to continue to be so thankful for this amazing experience ( i know I sound like a broken record- but I am so grateful). I love you baby G!!

Dr. Seuss baby shower

Last weekend my sisters and sister-in laws threw me an AMAZING baby shower themed 'Dr. Seuss'. I was kept in the dark from any details until the week of the party. On the Monday before the shower, I got my invite in the mail.

I knew my sisters were going to make this unforgettable. When I saw my sisters' 2 carloads full of decorations and accessories, I knew I was in for a treat!

When I arrived, I was beyond surprised. I would have never expected the details to be so elaborate. It was the perfect set up, perfect amount of guests, perfect food, it was PERFECT. Every detail was thought out and I cannot thank them enough for all the time and effort they put into Baby G and I's day. The many gifts filled the nursery with everything and more that the little peanut would need.
food table

little details made the day

candy table bag ties

dessert table

candy table

1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish- center pieces

present table

details were amazing

green eggs and ham, Seuss juice

advice tree

The best gifts, were the ones that were homemade. I have some amazing people in my life with some amazing talents.
Niece Sicily made Baby G some artwork for the nursery

Uncle Kyle's girlfriend Joey, made this amazing blanket which matched the nursery PERFECTLY

Thank You again to my sisters who put so much hard work and time into every detail. You all are my rocks, I cannot wait to share this amazing new life with you and make memories for Baby G. Best. Hosts. Ever.
Palma sisters

Sisters and sister- in - laws

Monday, May 6, 2013

Baby Gardner- 32 weeks

How far along? 32 weeks
Total weight gain. 23 lbs, we will see for sure at my appt this week
Baby Development.  At the ultrasound, Baby G was about 4.4 lbs. He is currently laying sideways with his head near my right hip bone and his little legs on my left side.
Maternity Clothes? Still working my normal cloths in with a few pairs of maternity pants.
Stretch Marks? Nope, now if the elasticity of my skin will only last the next 6 weeks
Sleep? No problems with sleep. It is my goal to get a lot of it in the next 6 weeks though
Best Moment of the week? There are 2, seeing our little nugget in a 3d ultrasound(more to come) and my amazing baby shower (more to come). Both were unforgettable
Symptoms? Extreme tiredness has made a comeback-ahhh. Lots of Braxton Hicks
Food cravings?  Strawberries, salt water taffy, diet coke
Miss anything? Sleeping on my back and going into my closet knowing something will fit
Movement? Oh, this little man is gonna come out running the way he is moving these days
Gender ? Little baby boy
Belly Button in or out? In, hold tight little bb!!!
Goals for upcoming week?  Finish putting everything away from the shower, make a list of what I still need, and start finishing up the small details in the nursery
Looking Forward to?  GETTING ORGANIZED. I am a very organized, list making, planning fool to begin with, then you throw in my maternal nesting, talk about information overload. I have more lists going then I know what to do with.
Thoughts? Well, I finally feel like I am on the home stretch. I can now go crazy buying little baby G everything else I he needs to be welcomed into this world. I am getting very ready for him to be here. But, I would like him to stay in there and marinate for a few more weeks!!

Ross' 31st birthday surprise

I am a huge fan of birthdays. I love making a big deal out of them, celebrating with drinks, a good meal, and most importantly, thoughtful gifts. I have always thought of myself as a good gift giver. At times, usually Christmas, I spend too much money and Ross has to bring me back to reality, but for birthdays, I try to go for thoughtful, less expensive gifts. These gifts usually involve a lot of time and thought, what a present should truly be about. Something that will be remembered, that wasn't bought last minute, and that you are so excited about giving, you might pee your pants!

Last year, for Ross' 30th, I got all our family together and surprised him on his actual birthday with dinner at a local steak house with the people that mean the most to him. He was very surprised. That was my gift to him, my time to sneak a homemade strawberry cake down to the restaurant and then round everyone up. It meant more to him then anything I could have bought him.

So this year, I knew I needed to do something extra special. He has been AMAZING through this entire pregnancy process. Not missing one appointment, holding my hand for every biopsy and procedure.  Lets just say he knew my cycle almost as much as I did. So, as usually, he deserved the best.

So, about a month ago I came across the fact that Kenny Chesney was going to be in Des Moines the weekend after his birthday. And if you didn't know, my husband has a little man crush on Kenny Chesney. And since we were going to be missing the group trip to Kansas City to see him (its the weekend before our little man is scheduled to make an appearance), I knew I had to make this work. SO, I told Ross we had our baby class last Saturday so he couldn't plan anything. Then on his actual birthday I had a card that told him he would receive his gift Saturday. Thats it. Somehow I was able to keep mum about the entire thing. I hate keeping secrets, so this was not easy.

Saturday morning I told him we didn't have the baby class and that it was Birthday Extravaganza day and that he needed to be ready for the night at 3:30. He was asking questions left and right, getting very frustrated that he didn't know what was going on. So, at 3:30 we got in the car and headed East. As we drove out of Omaha he figured out that we weren't going to the Jason Aldeen concert that was in Omaha that night and as we passed the Kansas City exit, he knew we weren't headed there.

He was not giving up, every 10 miles he would ask what we were doing. Eventually he figured out we were headed to Des Moines.

As we pulled in and passed the Wells Fargo Arena where the concert was, he saw people everywhere with cowboy hats and boots. He had finally had it, he asked one last time, what are we doing. I finally caved and told him we would be seeing Kenny Chesney. HE WAS SPEECHLESS. He kept saying, Really, really???? He was so excited. So we ate at a local brewery then headed to the concert.

After lots of research, I found us some awesome seats, about 8 rows up.  We were able to see Kenny up close and personal. It was an awesome concert and his playlist was nothing short of incredible. He played all of our favorites. Baby G was rocking out, lots of happy kicks. It was a late night, but well worth it. The look on my husbands face not only when I told him about the concert, but as he was belting out every single song, was priceless! Happy Birthday Ross, I love you.

hello Mr Chesney!!!