Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cole- 7 weeks (8/6/13)

Weight- won't know for sure until his 2 month check up, but definitely gaining weight
Health-  No problems here. Reflux seems under control and tolerable to him. He did have a case of cradle cap on his face that we treated with 1% Hydrocortizone cream.
Sleep-  Still sleeps great at night, 6-8 hours at a time. Goes down between 8-9 and usually wakes between 4-5 for a feeding, then again between 7-8 am. He does fight going to sleep at night, but we are working on him soothing himself to sleep-it sucks. Daytime is still a struggle, he doesn't like to take naps, especially in his crib. He cat naps through the day.
Diet- Momma's Milk. Had what I think was a growth spurt the last few days, so he has wanted to nurse every hour and a half.
Clothes- Still fits most of his newborn cloths, getting so close to wearing 0-3 month. Size 1 diapers.
Development- He is changing like crazy. Smiles, coos, and really focuses on contrasting colors. Still has baby blue eyes and hair is still brown.
Crying- He can be a fussy baby, depends on the day. Usually later afternoon and bedtime are his fussy times. Or if he has been in his carseat too long he will let you know. 
Likes- LOVES bathtime, walks, his playmat, playing in just his diaper and hanging in the Bjorn while mom waters her flowers or cooks dinner. Dislikes drinking out of bottles and having a dirty diaper.
naked floor time

loves his playmat

Milestones- No more newborn diapers, Smiling when mom and dad make funny faces.

Happy 7 weeks Baby G, we love you!!!

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  1. What a handsome little nugget! I need to see him. Miss him so much and need some cuddles.