Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cole- 8 weeks old (August 13, 2013)

Weight- unsure, we will find out next week at his 2 month appt. My guess is 9 1/2 lb
Health-  Reflux has flared up this past week. It doesn't seem to hurt him too much though.
Sleep- Still sleeping 7-8 hours at night, he is pretty restless, but if he wakes up he usually soothes himself back to sleep. Daytime is another story. Bubba does not like naps. He cat naps through the morning, but fights an afternoon nap. Everyday is different with naps depending on if we are running errands or hanging at home.
Diet- Breastmilk.  He HATES drinking from a bottle, but we are working on it. He has a good latch, just prefers straight from momma
Clothes- Still wearing newborn size cloths, but can fit into a few Target and Old Navy 0-3 month clothes. Size 1 diapers
Development- Smiling and cooing a lot more. Does a lot of tummy time and playing on his activity mat.He also is starting to recognize Ross and I's voice.
Crying- Cries when he is hungry (which is all the time) and when he is fighting sleep. Still gets fussy when he is out of his element (home).
Likes- Loves his playmat, bathtime, and singing songs together. Dislikes being burped, drinking from bottles, having too many clothes on and being hot. And he still isn't a huge fan of shopping, I usually get about an hour and a half before he goes bananas.
playtime on the activity mat

ahh, that face makes my heart melt
Milestone- Cole was baptized on Sunday the 11th and he looked so cute in his little tie. He did such a good job in church. Mom and dad had their first date night last friday while Aunt Jojo watched Cole.
in his Sunday best

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  1. Morgan...he is AMAZING! I loved spending some time with him Sunday..he is too sweet!