Tuesday, October 8, 2013

7 things I didn't read about in a pregnancy/baby book

No matter how much you prepare(or think you are) for a baby/pregnancy there will always be surprises. Nothing ever goes like the books describe it or even how a friend experienced it. But, for the most part, you have an idea of what to expect, at least enough to somewhat prepare yourself. The when and how is what is left for surprise. I knew I wouldn't get much sleep or have time to sit and eat a full meal without interruption. I planned on not showering every day or seeing my pre-pregnancy body overnight. I tried to prepare for hormonal ups and downs and random crying spells. And I somewhat was ready for sore nipples and living in nursing tops.

But, there are things I have experienced that I was not prepared for. Things i didn't even think came with new mothethood. So , consider yourself OFFICIALLY WARNED. It's not pretty, it's not fun, but it comes with the package.

1. Night sweats. Since about a week post delivery, I have woken up every night drenched in sweat. I'm not talking about a little back sweat, I am talking change of cloths at 3 am sweats. I thought it was me just being hot in the middle of summer, later to find out its part if the hormonal transition of breast feeding. So, if you were around the first month before I had figured this out, I am sorry. I am sure no amount of deodorant could help mask the smell of breast milk and sweat. New momma's, invest in a good fan, you will need it.

2.Hair loss I didn't think anything of all the hair I was loosing at about 2 months post delivery. I just thought since I wasn't washing my hair as often and pulling my hair back with hair bands everyday I was just loosing a little extra hair. Well, that little turned into a lot. Now I have a baseball size wad every time I shower or comb thru my hair. Apparently its normal for whatever reason. Not cool.

3. Back Pain Between bending over at the changing table to constantly 'bouncing' with a little fussy baby, your back will take a toll. Plus, if you are breast feeding, don't forget about the extra "luggage" you are carrying around on your chest. And this isn't just for moms, dads will experience it too, minus the luggage part. My husband and I took shifts when Cole had bouts of reflux and wouldn't stop crying because our back would be screaming too. So my suggestion is, first time away from the house without your little, hit up the spa for a quick massage, you will need it.

4. Some Infants don't sleep I thought all babies, especially newborns, ate then pooped then slept. Wrong. Mine liked to completely skip the whole sleep part. Or he would play a little trickery on momma and sleep long enough for me to lay down, cover up, close my eyes, then WAHHHHHHH. Took me a while to accept it, and I am not sure I fully accept or understand it still, but not all babies are nappers. Sorry momma's, just gotta deal until they are ready to start sleeping during the day.

5. Infant poop stains cloths Those cute white onsies are inexpensive for a reason. You will end up throwing half of them away. You will not have time to wash them out right away let alone get stain lifter on. So don't be surprised when you pull them out of the dryer with little yellow spots.

6. Those cute baby outfits are NOT PRACTICAL Towards the end of pregnancy I went a little nuts buying 'cute' baby outfits and accessories. How could you not, little trouser shorts and a polo, stop it, too cute. I knew as a newborn he wouldn't be wearing any of this, but I fully intended on him going to daycare looking all GQ. Well, that aint happening. For one, some of those outfits with hoods or lots of buttons/snaps/zippers aren't comfortable when the babe is playing on the mat or doing tummy time at daycare. And when he naps, they put him in his swaddle sack, clothed, and of course don't have time to change him into his "napping outfit" like I did at home. Now he has all these cute outfits that he wears for like an hour if we go to the store or visit friends on my days off or the weekends. At least they look cute hanging on those tiny little hangers in his closet-right??

7.White noise The only thing that would calm Cole down when he would get himself all worked up from reflux or an upset tummy, was the hood vent above the stove. I thought that was an old wives tale, that loud noises calm a baby. Nope, this is a real thing, a life saver in fact. I can't tell you how many hours Ross and I stood in front of the stove  with Cole, vent on high. Or how I was measuring the kitchen to see if his pack and play would fit in front of the stove. It works, thank god.

But, for this face, its all worth it!!! Happy Tuesday all.

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    1. Thanks! Just getting the word out!

  2. Great post! It's so true that there are so many things you don't realize until going through it yourself. Hope you don't get the same cavity thing I did....that little calcium sucker gave me three of them when I finally went to the dentist!

    1. I am praying I dont have cavities. Lord knows I eat enough sugar to explain one, fingers crossed.

  3. forgive me for being SO far behind and not being able to keep up on reading posts! but cole is still as adorable as ever! i had to read this post- i had so many moments of "i didn't read/learn/hear about that!?"

    i had the night sweats too, still do... off and on. the way your body changes after giving birth is INSANE! the hair loss thing was SO bad for me too- t freaked out about it for a little while and even posted about it AND contemplated shaving it all off and just starting new!

    avrie has always done well with sound for sleep too. we have used a sound machine since day one with her and she STILL loves it and likes noise for sleep. my husband and i are both the same way, so i think this is something that sticks with you for life.

    again i will try to pop back in here and there to keep up!