Friday, October 4, 2013

Cole- 15 weeks (October 1, 2013)

Weight- Still unsure, I think he is packing on the pounds though, legs are filling out nicely
Health- Still  congested, but doesn't bother him. We try to suction his nose out, but get nothing. No fever or coughing. Using the humidifier at night and elevating the head of bed (but we find him horizontal and at the bottom in the middle of the night). I have listened to his lungs(nurse in me) and they don't sound terrible, so we are gonna let this run it's own course.
Sleep- Sleeping like a champ at night like always. Naps are different everyday. Seems to be doing ok at daycare, but doesn't nap well at home. Still swaddling for naps only. And gets pacifier for naps.
Diet- No different. 4 ounces every 3 hours during the day and nurses great at night and in the morning
Clothes- 0-3 clothes, size 1 diapers.
Development- hair is lightening up, but still brown with dark blue eyes. Drools A TON. Really grabbing for toys. Cooing and talking a ton, including in the middle of the night.
Crying-Not a lot of crying, fusses when he is tired as well as rubs his eyes and yawns. Cried loud one time last week due to being overly hot at Nanu's bday party.
Likes- sucking on his entire hand,  bathtime, watching tv, watching the puppies run around the house, and being held and walked/bounced around the living room. Also loves weekend mornings in his footed jammies!! Dislikes having his nose sucked out, naps, and burping between breasts or ounces(seriously screams-so dramatic)
hand in the mouth- always. hasn't found the thumb yet (fingers crossed)

Milestones- Attended his first surprise party- for Nanu's 60th. Though he slept right through it.We also had to buy a deep freezer for all the milk that has taken over both freezers. Its seriously insane. Regular old dairy farm over here.
just a boy and his football
started out nice and organized in the boxes, numbered in order of use, but then we ran out of space. And this is only half of it, the other half is in the garage freezer in similar boxes. Can't wait to organize the deep freeze!!

Happy 15 weeks my little angel!!

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