Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby Gardner-15 weeks

rockin the new cuddle duds- so cozy

How far along? 15 weeks and 3 days
Total weight gain/loss.  6 lbs
Baby Development. Baby is the size of a peach, very busy practicing somersaults and wiggling around
Maternity Clothes. Still wearing my old cloths
Stretch Marks? no new ones
Sleep? Not as awesome as it was last week. Waking up to reposition a lot
Best Moment of the week? Not being hung over on New years, awesome feeling
Symptoms? Headaches are not as frequent, and cross your fingers, preggo acne is improving
Food cravings? Chips, greek yogurt, and guacamole (not all at the same time, thank god)
Miss anything? Doing abdominal work, love that burn I got!!
Movement? No, but I have been poking the belly hoping for a kick back, but nothing
Gender predictions? Still think its a naughty little boy
Belly Button in or out? in
Goals for upcoming week? Get some sleep. With a busy work schedule last week, I am a little behind and notice it about 2 o'clock everyday.
Looking Forward to? Wednesday we have our 16 week appt, can't wait to hear our heartbeat and find out when we get our next ultrasound...boy or girl????
Thoughts?  Never thought I would say this, but i want a true baby bump, not a christmas cookie/ pita chip belly. Can't wait for next 4 weeks. Baby will triple in size, so we are in a huge growth period!! That means a baby bump for me, feeling kicks, and actually feeling like I am pregnant

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  1. oohhh i am getting excited to find out too! i am going to say girl b/c you are TINY!