Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby Gardner- 17 weeks

How far along? 17 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain/loss.  8 lbs, maybe more by now( they say I should gain about a lb a week now)
Baby Development. Baby is about 5 inches in length and baby now out weighs the placenta
Maternity Clothes. Got my maternity leggings and workout pants in the mail, cant wait to wear them. For now, still wearing non preggo cloths
Stretch Marks? nope
Sleep? Much better. I have always been a right side sleeper, now my left is more comfortable (which dr says is better for blood circulation to baby anyways)
Best Moment of the week? Getting my new running shoes in the mail (I have happy feet again) 
Symptoms? Round ligament pain and sensitivity around my myomectomy scar (I think I am gonna "pop" any day with all the stretching I am feeling)
Food cravings? Still love my Greek yogurt, and Cobb salads(chicken,egg, bacon, balsamic dressing...yes please)
Miss anything? Nope
Movement? No,but I am patiently waiting
Gender predictions? Baby boy
Belly Button in or out? in
Goals for upcoming week? Same as last week, get my daycare visits scheduled. Called and got all the info, now I just need my husband to be in town to go visit the facility's. Also, getting a babymoon or two scheduled!!!
Looking Forward to? Heading up to MN. Can't wait to hand out with my sisters and go to Babies R Us and get some gear narrowed down.
Thoughts? I am officially ready to start looking pregnant instead of the girl who had to much Christmas goodies. I am ready for the bump!!!

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  1. I love the updates - so great to hear you are feeling well...and looking great! I'm not sure where you are hiding those 8 lbs, but I cannot see any of it! Keep taking care of my little nugget nephew...can't wait to meet that little guy! (I'm also convinced it's a boy!)