Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baby Gardner- 24 weeks

How far along? 24 weeks
Total weight gain. 16 pounds total
Baby Development.  Baby G is the size of a cantaloupe and is working on putting on his baby fat.
Maternity Clothes? Wearing a few maternity basic tees and leggings, otherwise working with what I have
Stretch Marks? Still clear
Sleep? Sleep is great with the occasional calf cramp
Best Moment of the week? Had our 24 week appt and everything is going great. Little fella is right on track and everything is looking good!! Also when I was at the delicious popcorn store the guy ringing up my multiple bags of chocolate peanut butter popcorn said something about having a little one soon-thanks Yummy popcorn man, you made my day!
Symptoms? Reflux and heartburn cured by Tums
Food cravings? Still craving lots of sweets and still on my yogurt, fruit and granola obsession
Miss anything? Still crave a good run, but otherwise, happy as a clam
Movement? You bet, this little man is a mover. It feels as if he is doing the Harlem Shake multiple times throughout the day 
Gender ? Little baby boy
Belly Button in or out? In, but very shallow
Goals for upcoming week? Its a busy work week, so if I can get the crib up and buy paint, I will be happy
Looking Forward to?  My mom and I are going to the babyfair on Sunday, so I am excited to get some good ideas and information
Thoughts? I continue to be amazed how fast and smoothly my pregnancy is going. I am finally enjoying and looking forward to all the changes that are happening. I cannot wait for him to get here.


  1. Oh my you look sooo great!! Cnr believe I have to rely on you posts to get update pics. Serio..we need to get together ASAP!!

    Keep taking care of my little nephew!

    1. I agree, lets change that soon!!!

  2. Love the Harlam shake comment! Can't wait to see your bump in person!

  3. gosh youre so tiny! cute baby bump :)

  4. Excited to find your blog!! Congrats on your pregnancy!!

    1. Thanks!!! It's a very amazing experience.