Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Gardner- 26 weeks

How far along? 26 weeks
Total weight gain. 17 pounds 
Baby Development.  Baby G is nearing 2 pounds and is almost 14 inches in length
Maternity Clothes? A few maternity pants thrown in there, and still wearing my own tops
Stretch Marks? Still clear
Sleep? Pretty good once I find a good position
Best Moment of the week? Finally locked in a daycare(hardest decision EVER), decided on a paint color for the nursery and am pretty sure I decided on a stroller!!! Also got another maternity massage, ahhh, so relaxing
Symptoms? Occasional heartburn and calf cramps at night.
Food cravings? Nothing in particular, almost the opposite. Nothing sounds great most of the time
Miss anything? Lunch meat sandwich and sleeping on my back
Movement? Yes!!! Loving every second of it
Gender ? Little baby boy
Belly Button in or out? Still in, but shallow
Goals for upcoming week? Paint the nursery (seriously this time) and register
Looking Forward to?  Going to MN to visit my sisters and mom and doing some baby shopping. Can't wait for them to see the bump, haven't seen my sisters for a few months, miss them like crazy.
Thoughts? It's getting so close and I am getting so excited to meet him. Again, I am very thankful for this amazing pregnancy experience.


  1. i hope the "nice" weather shows face here in MN for you this weekend! have fun!

  2. I'm loving that bump of yours!!! Finally showing! You look great and sound like you're taking great care of my little nugg!