Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby Gardner- 29 weeks

How far along? 29 weeks and 3 days
Total weight gain.  19 lbs
Baby Development. This little man is getting big, I officially have full stomach movements when he is moving around in there
Maternity Clothes? A few basic maternity items with either my normal cloths or a few larger sized"normal" clothing items I have purchased.
Stretch Marks? Nope, fingers crossed
Sleep? Sleep is good, just having a hard time with not sleeping on my back. And I cannot sleep in past 7 am, no matter what time I go to bed
Best Moment of the week? Laying on the couch and watching my entire stomach move and catching it on video to send to Ross while he was out of town for work.
Symptoms? Major fullness in my low abdomen, such a weird feeling
Food cravings?  Strawberries, pineapple, greek yogurt and salt water taffy!! And can't get enough water = lots of bathroom breaks
Miss anything? While trying on cloths for our upcoming trip, I do miss being able to fit comfortably into ANYTHING.
Movement? Yep, lots of moving going on, especially at night time
Gender ? Little baby boy
Belly Button in or out? Almost even, hold on little button, DON'T POP OUT
Goals for upcoming week? Enjoy one last vacation with my husband before we become a family of 3. I am going to try to relax and not have my brain on 'list mode' constantly. Also make an appt to meet with a potential pediatrician.
Looking Forward to?  BABYMOON!!!! SUNSHINE!!!!
Thoughts? Well, the registry is done, nursery is coming together, cloths are piling up, I think we are heading towards our home stretch here!! So many things running through my head, I cannot believe in less than 10 weeks we will have a little man here to make this next chapter in our lives completely life changing. I love you little man and cannot wait to meet you (in 10 weeks of course-don't get any crazy ideas).


  1. Wow! So hard to believe its getting so close...can't wait to snuggle a little one!! You look great!!

  2. Pregnancy looks so good on you! Have a blast on your trip!!! 10 weeks- ahhhh!

  3. Thanks Katie and Carly, your so sweet! And yes, ahhhhh, SO.CLOSE. CAN'T. WAIT!!!!