Monday, April 29, 2013

Babymoon-Scottsdale style

A few weeks ago, Ross and I set out on a final getaway before Baby Gardner gets here. We were going to go to Vegas, well, because we love everything about Vegas, its kinda our thing. In the 5 years we have been together, we have been to Vegas 8 times together. But, we thought we would try something different. Plus, I didn't want to be sitting at the pool with my baby bump and watch a girl yack up her strawberry Fat Tuesday drink (yes, its happened before-classy). We wanted something low key, relaxing, and above all WARM.

We picked the perfect weekend. The week we left it was suppose to snow and rain in Omaha. Such a nice feeling to get on a plane in 30 degree weather and get off to 75 and sunny. We stayed at the Hilton Squaw Peak Spa and Resort of Scottsdale. Very nice, family oriented, great restaurants on site, multiple pools, and even swim up bars for Ross to get a nice cold beer. But, besides laying by the pools during the day, we didn't plan on spending too much time at the resort. We rented a car which made dining options and shopping much easier.

When we got there on Wednesday, it was the mildest day out of the trip forecast, 75 degrees-I KNOW, so we decided to hit up the outdoor outlet mall to enjoy the sun and stretch our legs after our plane ride. We were able to get some good deals. Then we headed to the resort to get ready for dinner at the Roaring Fork. The first of many amazing meals. And to end the meal, we had the best salted caramel gelato. Know, I am not a huge ice cream person, but this gelato, made me want to lick the bowl. I am still salivating thinking about it.

Thursday we got up, worked out, got ready and went to the Fashion Square Mall. I packed an extra bag and was looking to pack that sucker full. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Lets just say, Baby Gap and H&M didn't see me coming. I figured since I can't buy cloths for my ever changing body, might as well get my son hooked up. But, thats not to say Steve Madden didn't get a little love from me. Then we headed back to the resort for a couple hours of pool time before hitting up the casino later that night. We had a blast and stayed up way too late for this momma. But, hey, we were on a roll at the black jack table and couldn't get up.

Best part of the night, feeling our little peanut move like crazy all night long. I am talking for like 5 hours straight. He must love gambling like his mom and dad. When I was sitting at the slots with all the dinging and bells, he was doing acrobats in there. I was cracking up. The second we left, nothing. It was hilarious. What can I say, he must be a Gardner.

Friday and Saturday were packed with  lots of pool time. It was so nice to just sit and read. Tan the bump, and enjoy delicious ice cream from their little ice cream shack!!

How most of my days at the pool were spent
Tanning the baby bump.

Friday night we took it easy, got some mexican food at a local restaurant then went to bed early. Not used to feeling drained from the sun. Then Saturday, after hitting up the pool all day again, we had a delicious dinner at Mastro's in Scottsdale. Amazing hot spot steak house. so delicious. And great company too.

Overall, the trip was everything I wanted. Relaxing, good shopping, nice weather, great food,  and most of all amazing quality time with the love of my life. I loved talking about our little guy and thinking about what our life will be like in a few short months. Laying at the pool, watching all the naughty kids and oblivious parents, set for great conversation about how we want to discipline and raise our baby. It was an amazing trip. Much needed time as a family before we take the leap from 2 to 3.


  1. Looks like the baby moon was amazing!! Glad you guys planned a little getaway. And that baby bump is barely there...are you sure you're 7 months?

    PS please PLEASE tell me you tried the warm butter cake at Mastro's. That's my fave restaurant down there and I have dreams about that cake!

    1. OMG, Ross and I totally planned on getting that cake, we read sooooo many good reviews. But by the time my salad, bread, steak, veggies and potatoes were eaten, there was literally no room, I was so sad. You know I am full if dessert sounds like a bad idea.

  2. this is so sweet! what a fun trip! i love that you were tanning the bump and that sun hat... ADORABLE!!

    you should link up with Kristin at on tuesday for "baby talk" sometime!

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