Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cole- 6 weeks (July 30, 2013)

Weight-8lb and 12 oz on 7/31/13
Health- Reflux is under control still, but LOTS of spitting up now. Also has cradle cap on his face which we are treating with 1% Hydrocortizone cream. We are still unsure if he is sensitive to mom eating dairy, we are only about 6 days in, so we need another week to accurately evaluate if  eliminating dairy is helping his gassiness.
Sleep- Great sleeper at night, 6-8 hours. Day is another story. Catnaps through the morning and usually takes a longer nap(2 hrs) late afternoon in his bouncy chair or in the Bjorn. We are working on naps in his crib, but it is a struggle.
Diet- breastmilk
Clothes- still wearing newborn cloths, moved to small sleep sacks because he was too long for the newborn ones, and we are starting to use size 1 diapers due to multiple poopy blowouts
Development-Eyes are still blue, Hair is lightening a little, but still brown. Definitely filling out. Starting to grab at toys on his playmat and holds his pacifier in his mouth
Crying- He likes to hear his voice, thats for sure. Usually gets fussy around 2 in the afternoon and early evening. Calmed down by the range vent or going in the baby bjorn. Daddy also has the magic touch and is able to calm him down quickly
Likes/Dislikes- Likes baths, stroller rides, and the range vent noise. Dislikes naps in his crib, being set down once he falls asleep in your arms, anything restrictive on his body (aka swaddles).
loves his bath time

Milestones- Rolled from his stomach to his back when he was doing tummy time with dad (7/29) and first smile when mom was holding him on 7/31. Also went on his first car trip to MN for Grandpa Terry's birthday celebration. Did awesome on the 6 hr car ride!!

first smile at momma

after rolling over from tummy

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