Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cole- 14 weeks (September 24, 2013)

Weight-My guess is he is a little over 12lb, but we will see in a few weeks at his 4 month checkup
Health- Still a little congested, mostly in the morning, but it doesn't affect his mood. Using the Nosefrieda in the mornings to clear out his nose-its awesome.Still drooling like crazy, not sure if its teething or what. No problems with reflux, still on Omeprazole
Sleep- Still sleeping from 830 until either 430 when I wake him to eat or sometimes he will sleep until about 6. Naps are getting better. Swaddled, he will take a 1-3 45 minute naps or if we are lucky an almost 2 hour nap. We have found a paci,Nuk brand, that he will take when he goes down for a nap. Usually wakes 10 minutes after being laid down and needs to be soothed by rubbing his belly and paci.
sleeping angel
Diet- Still eating about every 3 hours during the day, 4 oz each time.
Clothes-Still rocking the 0-3 cloths and 1 diapers. 0-3 footed pj's are getting a little bit too short for him, but the gap ones are still good. He wears a lot of rompers from gap or just white onsies and pants/shorts. Sleep sack size small at night.
Development-The last week has been a big week. He is talking more, grabbing at his toys hanging from the playmat, he is able to keep himself entertained with it. Grabbing everything with this hands, especially my hair. Still has brown hair and blueish eyes. Is always kicking his legs-ALWAYS.
playing with his football
Crying- Not too much of this around here these days. Fusses when he is tired or hungry. Even when he wakes up, he just 'coos' to let us know he's awake.
Likes/Dislikes- Loves his playmat, watching tv, baths, singing songs, standing and bearing weight on his legs. Dislikes ears being cleaned out, sun in his face, sitting still for too long at a time.
Milestones- Cole went to his first apple orchard in Nebraska City, he slept in the Bjorn the entire time. He is also doing better at daycare, not as fussy and sleeps a lot better.
apple picking at Kimmel apple orchard


  1. Yay...finally my update on little man! I suppose getting to see him in person yesterday was much better than reading about him, but you know!

    He is really filling out and is so, so cute. Love his big eyes and cuddles with him. Fun to see him playing with toys - those oballs are awesome at that age. Light and easy for them to grip.

    1. Isn't he fillin out nicely!!! I try to remember back to Cruz being that age, but it seems like SOOOOO long ago.

  2. So adorable! I'm jealous--he sounds like a good sleeper--Jada is still hit or miss at night, but is a good napper. Do you find his congestion is a result of allergies or just a cold? Jada is congested now too--but I think it may be a cold :(

  3. My guess is a cold, it started about 2 weeks after daycare, so I'm sure he picked it up there. Luckily, it doesn't slow him down or make him crabby!