Friday, September 20, 2013

Cole- 13 weeks (September 17, 2013)

Weight- Last Friday, he weighed in at 11 lb, 13 oz.
Health- Last week Cole got his first "cold". He has been congested and has a little post nasal drip which causes a little coughing when laying flat. But, his mood hasn't been affected, so it doesn't seem to phase him much. He even is a good boy when Ross and I aspirate the mucous from his nose. I am still dairy free and we are giving it another week to see if it help his irritability, discomfort before pooping and mucousy stools.
Sleep- Still a rockstar at sleeping during the night. Goes down at 830, feeds at 430 before I leave, then wakes up at 730 for dad. Daycare is still working with him to get him to nap. But...Tuesday(9/17) was the first day he slept 2+hours in his crib at daycare!!!! Now we just need to keep that up!!!
Diet- momma's milk. When drinking from a bottle he takes 4 ounces. Eating about every 3 hours during the day. Spitting up afterwards isn't as bad, but still there.
Clothes- All 0-3. Gap and Old Navy is pretty big still, but Carters and Target fit great. Wearing size 1 diapers
Development- He is now grabbing and swatting at toys on his playmat and "scoots" himself with his legs when laying on the floor. Still doing great with tummytime. Eyes are still blue, hair brown (even though he has lost some of it). He is drooling like crazy these days too. "Talking" a ton these days too. Also likes to stand and bear weight on his legs.

Crying- Still the same, fusses when he is hungry or tired(also rubs eyes).
Likes/Dislikes- Likes his playmat a ton these days, baths, and watching his puppies run around the house.
Dislikes having his face washed, sitting in one spot for too long, and taking his medicine.

Milestones- We had our first football party of the year and he was such a little ham, Mr Social. He also rolled from his tummy to his back again.

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