Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cole- 11 weeks (Septemeber 3, 2013)

Football onsie in honor of the start of NFL(its spit up on his shirt, not pee)

Weight- Still unsure, doesn't seem to be putting on a noticeable amount of weight, just filling out a little more
Health- No problems, reflux is good. Still a lot of spitting up and drooling. Still getting a very mild case of cradle cap along his front hairline, but luckily it just looks like dry skin and isn't gross.
Sleep- Still sleeping great at night in a sleep sack in his crib. Naps are improving if he is swaddled, but they could be better. Still gets tired and fights sleep around 4 in the afternoon.
Diet- Breast milk. When taking a bottle he eats 4 oz. We are about every 3 hours during the day and every 2 1/2 in the evening until bed.
Clothes- Officially out of newborn cloths(only took 2 1/2 months), but his 0-3 cloths are pretty baggy on him. 0-3 shorts fit good around his little buddha belly. Size 1 diaper
Development- Loves hearing his voice. Constantly cooing and grunting. Lots of smiles. Eyes are darkening a little, still blue though. Hair is still brown. Starting to grab on to things, like our shirt when holding him or the blanket when doing tummy time. Soothes himself by sucking on his fist, still wont take a pacifier at all( not sure if that's good or bad). Also starting to fight taking his medicine out of a bottle nipple, so we end up pouring it in and its a huge mess usually.
smiles- what a ham

Crying- Besides his fussy time of day (4-6pm) he just lets you know if he is tired or hungry. Or if he has a wet diaper. And hasn't been a fan of car rides lately
Likes/Dislikes- Still loving bath time, his playmat and looking at himself in the mirror, singing songs, and his nightly back rub momma gives him. Dislikes interrupting his eating to burp, sitting still, or having his ears cleaned with a q-tip
Milestones- First day of daycare was on 9/3, his teacher said he did well. Mom did very well too, but I couldn't get to him fast enough after work. He was very tired that evening. More on daycare soon. Attended his first Hawkeye/football party at the Lynch's. He was very good, slept through most of it.
first Hawkeye party


  1. Love the football onsie!... Not so much the hawkeye one ;). You're filling out little man! I finally get to see you again in a couple days!

  2. What a good looking family! And the pacifier debate: Im personally glad Cruz didnt take to one either bc I didn't have to break him of the habit....but I can say it was challenging at times not having something that auto-soothed him when he cried or fought sleep.