Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cole- 12 weeks (Septemeber 10,2013)

Weight- Our guess is somewhere around the 12 lb mark, not sure though
Health- Reflux seems good. Spitting up is a TON better. Just a little here and there, no projectile. Lots of drooling though. Also has seemed "stuffed up" when he wakes up in the morning-but clears shortly after. Also has been having some mucousy poops, so we are trying to figure that out-momma went dairy free again. Dr thinks that he has developed a sensitivity-we will see in 2 weeks.
Sleep- Still sleeping from 830pm until 430 am when I WAKE HIM to feed before I go to the gym. He is still protesting naps during the day. Usually gets 2-4 30-45 min naps in. He especially doesn't want anything to do with naps at daycare.
Diet- Momma's milk. When I work he nurses at 4 am before I go to the gym and then 2 times in the evening. He then takes 4- 4ounce bottles during the day.
Clothes- All 0-3 month cloths. They are still a little big on him though. Size 1 diapers
Development- Makes lots of noises, likes to 'talk', especially in the early evening after daycare. Starting to grab on to things like my hair, shirts, my shoulder, and blankets. Still have a blue eyed, brown hair boy.
Crying- He will let you know when his diaper is wet, he's hungry, or tired. He is getting better about 'sitting' with mom and dad on the couch for small periods of time before becoming restless.
Likes/Dislikes- Baths, looking at himself in the mirror, singing songs, and sucking on his fist to sooth himself. Dislikes having his ears cleaned, bright lights, and being left alone in a room.
Milestone- We survived our first week of daycare. It's been a tough transition for him and I am hoping he adapts soon. Luckily he gets lots of snuggles during the day. He attended his first baby shower, for his friend Kennedy, and his first wedding.
catching up on snuggles after a long week at daycare

first NFL sunday for dad and Cole

Kennedy, Cole and Cruz

Krueger wedding rehearsal- LOVE our family
Happy 12 weeks Cole. I don't know where the time has gone, but every minute has been a true blessing. I love you bubba!!

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  1. My goodness Cole man is getting so big and is just the cutest. I love to see his features continue to develop. He is just too handsome!