Sunday, June 2, 2013

Baby Gardner- 36 weeks

How far along? 36 weeks
Total weight gain.  1 pound gain this week, 22 lbs total.
Baby Development Baby is about 6 pounds at this point. His main job is increasing his fat supply.
Maternity Cloths? No new cloths, just trying to fit into whatever I can. At this point I am wearing all non maternity cloths that used to fit loosely or are very stretchy
Stretch Marks? Still negative
Sleep? Sleeping well, waking up for a bathroom break, but sleeping comfortably
Best Moment of the week? Getting the last few items needed, including my stroller, which I am IN LOVE WITH. I do many laps around the living room with it. So glad I went with the  Baby Jogger City Mini GT. Also was able to get all my flowers planted, so happy I got a few nice days to complete it!
Symptoms? Luckily Braxton Hicks have decreased in frequency, but have definitely increased in intensity. Also I get lots of little knees in the ribs.
Food cravings? Fruit and yogurt, as usual. Also craving soft serve ice cream almost every night.
Miss anything? Lunch meat sandwich's are sounding pretty good these days
Movement?Still lots of moving, but definitely not as much as the past few weeks
Gender ? Little baby boy
Belly Button in or out? Still in,but very shallow
Goals for upcoming week?  Just relax, finish the book I have been trying to read the past month and also get a pedicure.
Looking Forward to?  Our 37 week appt on Wednesday, so interested to see his progression and to see how big the DR thinks our little man is. Also we can "officially" schedule our C-Section.
Thoughts? I am so excited to share the nursery reveal. I was going to do it before he came, but we decided to do some 'name' type decor, so now it must wait.

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