Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Baby Gardner: 13 weeks (2nd Trimester)

How far along? 13 weeks- 2nd Trimester
Total weight gain/loss. 4 lbs
Baby Development. Baby Gardner is the size of a peach about 3 inches in length. Very active, moving around using all it's new muscles and joints.
Maternity Clothes?Still been wearing my non preggo cloths, but favoring the looser fitting cloths.
Stretch Marks? nope
Sleep?Sleeping pretty well, unable to sleep in past about 7 no matter what time I go to sleep, but feel pretty rested when I wake up
Best Moment of the week? Seeing our little baby in the ultrasound and seeing its movement. Best Christmas present EVER. Never thought i would be so in love with a little hiccuping.
Symptoms? Round ligament pain here and there and a few headaches. But no nausea!!!! I have been very blessed in this department. And my aversion to coffee is gone!!!! Just in time for my first trimester to be finished so I can enjoy a cup of coffee now and then, thank you baby!!!
Food cravings?Nothing in particular, salty foods sound a little better than sweets. But I am eating my weight in christmas cookies though, and they were delish.
Miss anything? Nothing in particular, do miss the feeling I got after having a nice long run. But enjoying not pushing my body when it comes to working out.
Movement? nope, but can't wait
Gender predictions? I am almost 100% convinced this is a little baby Ross
Belly Button in or out? In
Goals for upcoming week? Not stressing about enjoying all the Christmas goodies over the next week
Looking Forward to? Spending Christmas with our amazing family. And doing some after Xmas shopping and finding some good deals on Christmas cloths for baby G's first Christmas next year
Thoughts?I am so thankful that I had a relatively easy first trimester. We are blessed that all of our baby's major organs and systems are developed normally and baby is doing well.

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