Sunday, December 16, 2012

What I have been keeping myself busy with

So, everyone knows I am crazy about Holidays. The house always gets decorated, even for Easter and 4th of July. And I try to always make "holiday themed" treats, just another excuse to bake and use all my fun decorating items. So, of course, Christmas was no exception. I have never tried to go all Clark Griswold on my house, but I do like a little taste of Christmas in all the rooms. First, lets start with the wreath. My aunt Beth made me a pretty wreath that had a nice big red bow. Well, I needed to add a little personal touch and have it flow with my current decorations, so this is what we have.

And of course the tree and fireplace mantel. I have always done just black, white and silver. But this year I added some yellow/gold stars to the mix and think I like the little bit of color.
little blurry, but there are matching little yellow stars all over the tree

And we can't forget Frosty in the bathroom, this was of course Pinterest inspired last year. But he is so cute

And I had to do a little something outside. I like simple when it comes to the outside, so we went with a little lighted garland around the front door and garage. My lighted outside Christmas trees didn't work this year, so I am waiting until after Xmas to get some good deals on new outside trees.

So, enough about my fa-la-la-la-la'ing all over the house. Now onto a project that has been 8 months in the waiting. I knew if I didn't get it done before I started in Nursery mode, it wouldn't get done. And I have had the paint, shower curtain, rugs, mirror frame and vanity light, so I just needed a free weekend. I forgot to take a 'before' picture so I am using the picture I used to sell my light fixture on craigslist, so it is limited.

 BEFORE-sand colored walls, ugly light and builders mirror
And then after a little TLC and time, I installed a new light fixture, but up a frame around the mirror and added a little grey paint. Still have to hang a shelf and add decor, but you get the idea
After- grey walls, light fixture, new mirror frame from

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