Sunday, December 23, 2012


For those of you that are not apart of the cult called Facebook, FBO means 'Facebook Official'. It's pretty legit, nothing in the world is a sure thing unless its FBO. So, whats a girl to do with a little peanut in her belly, of course, make it FBO. What does this mean you ask?? It means the secrets out, the world now knows!!!!! And  we were able to have an ultrasound last week to check for Down Syndrome, and check in on our growing little baby. It was being stubborn and wouldn't roll over to see the sex, but we were able to see the cutest hiccups EVER(full body hiccups) and measure its growth (already long for its age). Ross and I were both in tears the entire time and it officially made it real for us. There is a baby in my stomach!!!! And it came at a very emotional time. As I was sitting in the waiting room after the ultrasound waiting for my blood to be drawn  the Today Show was showing pictures of all the lives lost in Connecticut. I don't even know this little nugget, but I cannot even imagine what those parents are going through. This little baby is already a part of me, I can't even imagine. I love you Growing Baby Gardner!!!

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