Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Baking like it's our job

My sister Jordan came into town and what else are two sisters suppose to do at Christmas time, but bake. We started our day of baking with a nice workout, then went home had a nice early lunch (everyone knows not to bake on an empty stomach). We had a game plan: homemade caramels,  white chocolate cinnamon popcorn, cinnamon sugar pretzels, homemade almond joys, salted caramel chocolate chip cookies,candy cane snowballs, crispy chocolate peanut butter cups, and of course almond bark pretzels. We also made a batch of gingerbread truffles, but they were terrible not as amazing as they could be, so they got thrown.

Christmas Crunch

Baking slip up(always keep your salt top on tight)
working the mixer
My little Keebler elf, Jordan
All I wanted to do was eat a big spoonful of dough, stupid raw eggs  

Most of the final products
To see where most of these goodies went, stay tuned for the 14 week picture. Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. no raw cookie dough while being preggo is the WORST! hahaha