Monday, May 20, 2013

We have Engagement folks!!

So, at our 35 week appointment this morning, I was telling the doctor that my Braxton Hicks have been kicking my butt and that they are pretty "intense" especially around my myomectomy scar. Not painful, just takes my breath away for a second. So, to be safe, he wanted to do a pelvic exam.

Well, he didn't have to go far to find a little peanut head. This little man is at zero station. In laymen terms, baby's head is down halfway into my pelvis. The doctor kind of took me by surprise when he began the exam. The first thing he said was "Wooo, this baby is low".

An example of what's going on in there

And to be sure that my uterine incision isn't starting to dehisce(aka bulge out) because of the engagement(when the baby's head or butt ,if he is breech, enters the pelvis-classified from -3 to +3),  we are doing an ultrasound Wednesday. We will see what happens.  And his final words to us were, "you have everything ready for him right?". Shit just got real.

How am I suppose to go to work after that and concentrate on anything other than this baby being here sooner than a month???? I guess I better get my hospital bag packed.


  1. Omg!!! This makes me so excited to meet this little man!! :)

  2. Ahhhh! "Shit just got real"