Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Though we shouldn't just appreciate our momma's one day a year, I do like to take this day to reflect/remind myself just who my mom is. She is kind, she has taught me to be a very independent women, and she has passed on many skills that I will use when my little guy gets here.

And even though she is 6 hours away, I know I can call for advice and she will be there to talk me through any problems. Being apart has made me appreciate the time we do have together even more. Though I am a little worried that Baby G wont see Grandma Judy as much as I would like, I know we will both make an effort to make sure he see's as much of her as possible. I love you mom, Happy mothers Day!

And for me, this Mother's Day is extra special. I know next year is going to be amazing because I will officially be a 'mother' and I will have my little guy here to celebrate with me, but I still feel like this year might be my favorite. I am blessed with the ability to experience something that not everyone is able to experience. And even the people who are able to experience pregnancy, they only get to do it a few times in their life. So on this Mothers Day, my present is the little kicks and hiccups I get to feel. I love them and smile with each one. This is such a surreal time, not only because of the little man growing inside me, but because of the life that lies ahead for me. I cannot wait to show my mom the appreciation I have for her by being the best mom I know how to be. Happy Mothers Day!


  1. Happy Belated Mother's Day! What a GORGEOUS bride you were on your wedding day!

    Next year for Mothers Day you will be overwhelmed with pure joy!

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