Monday, May 6, 2013

Baby Gardner- 32 weeks

How far along? 32 weeks
Total weight gain. 23 lbs, we will see for sure at my appt this week
Baby Development.  At the ultrasound, Baby G was about 4.4 lbs. He is currently laying sideways with his head near my right hip bone and his little legs on my left side.
Maternity Clothes? Still working my normal cloths in with a few pairs of maternity pants.
Stretch Marks? Nope, now if the elasticity of my skin will only last the next 6 weeks
Sleep? No problems with sleep. It is my goal to get a lot of it in the next 6 weeks though
Best Moment of the week? There are 2, seeing our little nugget in a 3d ultrasound(more to come) and my amazing baby shower (more to come). Both were unforgettable
Symptoms? Extreme tiredness has made a comeback-ahhh. Lots of Braxton Hicks
Food cravings?  Strawberries, salt water taffy, diet coke
Miss anything? Sleeping on my back and going into my closet knowing something will fit
Movement? Oh, this little man is gonna come out running the way he is moving these days
Gender ? Little baby boy
Belly Button in or out? In, hold tight little bb!!!
Goals for upcoming week?  Finish putting everything away from the shower, make a list of what I still need, and start finishing up the small details in the nursery
Looking Forward to?  GETTING ORGANIZED. I am a very organized, list making, planning fool to begin with, then you throw in my maternal nesting, talk about information overload. I have more lists going then I know what to do with.
Thoughts? Well, I finally feel like I am on the home stretch. I can now go crazy buying little baby G everything else I he needs to be welcomed into this world. I am getting very ready for him to be here. But, I would like him to stay in there and marinate for a few more weeks!!


  1. you are getting so close and look so great!! wahoo!

  2. Oh Morgan it's getting so close! I can hardly contain my excitement to meet Baby G! You look gorgeous - keeping taking care of yourself and my little nephew!