Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Pregnancy Must Haves

*****Pregnancy Must Haves*****

Palmer's Tummy Butter- Used this from about 4 months on about 2 times a day. Its super thick, like butter, and greasy, but sooooo worth it. Improved existing stretch marks on my low back and fingers crossed, prevented anymore.
Quest Bars- Ate one of these as a mid morning or mid afternoon snack almost everyday. I favored the Apple pie, coconut cashew, and  cinnamon roll flavors. They have a ton of fiber, no artificial sweetener, 20 grams of protein, and have a lot of flavors to choose from. They are kind of pricey, but so worth it. This is actually something I craved almost my entire pregnancy.
Fage Greek Yogurt- I literally went through at least 2 family size cartons of this a week. Great in smoothies, with fruit, in overnight oats, or added to a cup of granola. Loads of protein and calcium and so yummy!
Green Mountain Decaf French Vanilla coffee- I have never drank coffee for it's caffeine affect, rather the warm tasty feeling in my belly mid morning. So the decaf version was no problem to adapt to. After my first trimester when coffee made me want to vomit, I enjoyed this almost every morning with a little stevia and Italian Cream coffee creamer.
Tinted SPF moisturizer- This is the stuff we sell at my work and I am OBSESSED with it. During my first and second trimester I always had breakouts that would leave little red dots for weeks. So this moisturizer did the trick at covering it up, without looking like I was puttying my face. Plus it has SPF in it. I use this everyday and love it
Water, Water, Water- Before I got pregnant I was a huge water drinker to begin with. Now, I can't get enough of it. This is actually my exact water bottle which typically I filled 4-5 times a day.
Tinted self tan lotion- This VS self tanner was a life saver to feeling like a beached whale. I did lots of research of the ingredients and asked my doctor who said it was completely safe after the first  trimester. Gaining weight is one thing, but being pasty and feeling heavy is no BUENO. Unfortunately, Victoria's Secret only sells it at certain times and when they do I usually buy about 15(no lie). Thanks to my SIL, it is a must have.
Body pillow- I have been very grateful to sleep very soundly this entire pregnancy. I do believe a lot of it is due to my TWO body pillows I prop myself between. Granted Ross and I can't cuddle because I have a pillow mote around me, but no one likes a non sleeping pregnant women, so sacrifices are made.
Victoria Secret Supermodel Pants- These bad boys have been a life saver. The wide forgiving waist band and stretchy material have followed me through my entire pregnancy without giving you a muffin top affect. And I have a feeling they will do the same post-partum. They come in longs too, so my 5'9" frame doesn't look like I am waiting for a flood. I wore these running errands, working out, and around the house. No other pant like it.
Spinning Class- When running wasn't an option per my doctors orders at the beginning of my pregnancy and after 5 months when it got too uncomfortable to run, spinning class was my life saver. I got an awesome workout in, my gym offered 5 am classes, and my instructor was the most amazing pregnant women herself. Loved it. Paired with my heart rate monitor, I didn't feel like my workouts took a backseat to pregnancy.


  1. great list! i will need to look into that VS self tan now that i have given up on tanning. i need some color as the sun NEVER seems to be out long enough these days in MN!

    1. Yes, its awesome. And good for you for giving up tanning, your skin will appreciate it in 30 years!! I have seen it at the Rosedale and Mall of America locations, otherwise the semi annual will have it every once in a while.