Monday, May 6, 2013

Ross' 31st birthday surprise

I am a huge fan of birthdays. I love making a big deal out of them, celebrating with drinks, a good meal, and most importantly, thoughtful gifts. I have always thought of myself as a good gift giver. At times, usually Christmas, I spend too much money and Ross has to bring me back to reality, but for birthdays, I try to go for thoughtful, less expensive gifts. These gifts usually involve a lot of time and thought, what a present should truly be about. Something that will be remembered, that wasn't bought last minute, and that you are so excited about giving, you might pee your pants!

Last year, for Ross' 30th, I got all our family together and surprised him on his actual birthday with dinner at a local steak house with the people that mean the most to him. He was very surprised. That was my gift to him, my time to sneak a homemade strawberry cake down to the restaurant and then round everyone up. It meant more to him then anything I could have bought him.

So this year, I knew I needed to do something extra special. He has been AMAZING through this entire pregnancy process. Not missing one appointment, holding my hand for every biopsy and procedure.  Lets just say he knew my cycle almost as much as I did. So, as usually, he deserved the best.

So, about a month ago I came across the fact that Kenny Chesney was going to be in Des Moines the weekend after his birthday. And if you didn't know, my husband has a little man crush on Kenny Chesney. And since we were going to be missing the group trip to Kansas City to see him (its the weekend before our little man is scheduled to make an appearance), I knew I had to make this work. SO, I told Ross we had our baby class last Saturday so he couldn't plan anything. Then on his actual birthday I had a card that told him he would receive his gift Saturday. Thats it. Somehow I was able to keep mum about the entire thing. I hate keeping secrets, so this was not easy.

Saturday morning I told him we didn't have the baby class and that it was Birthday Extravaganza day and that he needed to be ready for the night at 3:30. He was asking questions left and right, getting very frustrated that he didn't know what was going on. So, at 3:30 we got in the car and headed East. As we drove out of Omaha he figured out that we weren't going to the Jason Aldeen concert that was in Omaha that night and as we passed the Kansas City exit, he knew we weren't headed there.

He was not giving up, every 10 miles he would ask what we were doing. Eventually he figured out we were headed to Des Moines.

As we pulled in and passed the Wells Fargo Arena where the concert was, he saw people everywhere with cowboy hats and boots. He had finally had it, he asked one last time, what are we doing. I finally caved and told him we would be seeing Kenny Chesney. HE WAS SPEECHLESS. He kept saying, Really, really???? He was so excited. So we ate at a local brewery then headed to the concert.

After lots of research, I found us some awesome seats, about 8 rows up.  We were able to see Kenny up close and personal. It was an awesome concert and his playlist was nothing short of incredible. He played all of our favorites. Baby G was rocking out, lots of happy kicks. It was a late night, but well worth it. The look on my husbands face not only when I told him about the concert, but as he was belting out every single song, was priceless! Happy Birthday Ross, I love you.

hello Mr Chesney!!!


  1. awe, this is awesome! I LOVE birthdays and birthday surprises too!! you did so good!!

    i wanted to see kenny when he is here in the twin cites this summer but tickets where INSANE in price! and sold out in like 5 seconds.

    so fun! good job!

  2. Love that you did this!! Going to miss you guys when we head to Kenny in June, but I suppose since Baby G is making his arrival a couple days later (he better not appear while we are gone!)- I will let it slide.