Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cole- 3 weeks (July 9, 2013)

Weight-on 7/8 we had a weight check at the doctor and he is up to 6 lb 7 oz. We are relieved.

Health- Was started on Omeprazole and Culturelle for his reflux at his 2 wk appt. We have seen some improvement, but need to give it time to really evaluate it. Otherwise he is healthy.

Sleep-  Since he didn't gain weight at the last appt we have needed to wake Cole up every 3 hours at night time. But he is able to eat, get his diaper changed and go right back to sleep. Sleeps for 1-2 hour periods during the day. Still sleeps in his crib at night, usually in his swing or chair during the day.

Social-  Went to the Phillips' for 4th of July and was cuddled up. Then last Sunday we had a Gardner/Manganaro get together at Grammie and Nanu's.
hanging out on 4th of July

Diet-Breastmilk. Eating well, no problems latching on. Also pumping to have some back up in the freezer. Also he gets a bottle with 1 ounce of milk mixed with his Culturelle every day.

Cloths- Still wearing just newborn cloths,beginning to fill out the waist bands of the pants. Newborn diapers

Development- Beginning to coo and make cute little baby noises. Really looking around at everything. Wiggles free from his swaddle at night, so going back to Halo sleep sacks. Rolling around onto his side while doing diaper changes. He can hold his head up for almost 10 seconds while doing tummy time on the boppy.
Look at that strong neck
Crying-Fusses when he is hungry and still has his crying episodes when reflux sets in. Has had a good week over all, but Sunday was a bad reflux day, cried for 90 minutes. Broke Ross and I's heart.

Likes-Still loves his arms/hands. Always moving them around. Loves his walks with his puppies. Also LOVES to be in the baby bjorn. Usually thats how momma gets stuff done in the afternoon.

Milestone- Had his first real bath on July 4th and loved it. Also let mom and dad watch a few movies this week (he slept thru both of them). Also we went out to dinner, nothing fancy, Firehouse subs. But it was nice to get out as a family.


  1. Look at him holding his head up!! :)

  2. What a strong boy! Love reading the updates :)