Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Life Lately

Well, we have made it two weeks. The first week was more adjusting to the reality that there is an infant in our house that eats every hour (or at least it felt that way), sleeps all the time, and is always awake when we want to sit down to dinner. But, every time I laid eyes on Cole, I fell in love with him more and more. His funny little facial expressions when he sleeps, his skinny little appendages, that full head of dark hair, and of course those big dark eyes (look kinda blue now, but will probably change). I loved every second of that first week. It is crazy to think I am not pregnant anymore, and I do miss my baby bump. But, I love having my little Cole bear here.

Then came the second week. Cole started getting very upset after feedings, especially in the evening, and started burping and refluxing. It hurts him so bad, the look on his face when that acid comes up, brings tears to my eyes every time. And the cry, he makes the worst bone chilling scream when it is happening. Sometimes he can be soothed after 20 minutes, sometimes its over an hour. I just feel so helpless, watching this tiny little person suffer. We have gone to the pediatrician and he has started him on Omeprazole and Culturelle. The only bad part is the medication takes up to a week to start working, so until then, with each feeding, we don't know if his reflux is going to flare up.

So, needless to say, I have been a little preoccupied. Not necessarily physically, because Ross is AWESOME at soothing him day or night when I break down because my heart is hurting for my little man. But more emotionally and mentally, I am constantly worried and reading way to much on the internet. Ross has banned me from Google.

So, I do have the first 2 week updates and his birth story coming, hopefully by this weekend. It's just a matter of transferring it from my journal to the computer. But here is a little Cole in the mean time. SERIOUSLY, IN LOVE WITH THIS LITTLE MAN.

mad face

watching Good Morning America with momma


  1. Ahhh I just love my nephew! Sorry you're having to deal with's never fun when something is wrong with you're baby. They are so little and you feel helpless. Just know you are doing things right and this is a little bump in the road of amazing things you are going to experience with him! xo

  2. he is just precious! i also BAN YOU FROM GOOGLE!!

    the good thing about reflux (well nothing good but) its all too common in little ones these days so the ways to cope and deal with it are out there! it will get better!