Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cole- 5 weeks (July 23, 2013)

Weight- At our weight check on 7/18 he was 7 lb 6 oz and 20.6 inches in length
Health- Healthy boy, reflux is under control!!! He is spitting up a ton now though.
Sleep- He is a champ in this department. Sleeps anywhere from 6-8 hours at night. Usually sleeps off and on in the afternoons. Mornings are his awake time, except for when we go for our walk he snoozes.
Diet- Breast milk. Every 2-3 hours during the day and will go 6-8 hours at night Getting better with the bottle for his Culturelle, doesn't gulp as much.
Clothes- Still wearing newborn cloths and diapers. Tried to put him in a 0-3 mo sleeper and he was drowning in it. Had to (his idea) expand his newborn wardrobe at baby gap yesterday. The only nb outfit that wont fit are items that have feet in them, legs are too long for that
Development- Doing so well. Really likes looking around at pictures on the wall and window coverings (especially his chevron curtains in the nursery). Neck muscles are getting stronger by the day. Likes tummy time and laying face down on the boppy. Sat in his bumbo for the first time and did so good.
first time in the bumbo
working on his muscles

Crying- Fussy when he is hungry and wet on cue. Also around 10 am and 4 pm he gets a little fussy.
Likes/Dislikes- Still loves his bath time, walks in the mornings and the range hood vent. If he ever is crying, we stand in front of it with it on high, and he quiets right down. Dislikes his swing and putting on the harness in the carseat.
Milestones- We got a smile when we were facetiming daddy (in WA for work), not sure if it was a "true" smile or not.


  1. Five weeks old...wow! He is so, so handsome! Sounds like you are doing so well in the new mama department!

  2. he is TOO cute in that bumbo seat!