Sunday, July 14, 2013

Going to the chapel and their, GONNA GET MARRIED

Last Saturday, my baby sister got engaged!!!! Her boyfriend (now fiance), took her up in a  friends plane and had 'MARRY ME'  written on their roof in Christmas lights. When he popped the question, he had a neighbor (who is a firework freak) light off a commercial grade Firework display. Seriously, cue the tears.

It was so thought out and had so many personalized details. Joe, future brother in law, you done good!!! And, to put the cherry on top, THE RING. I have only seen it through a picture, but I hear it is even more  AMAZING in person.

 Congrats to the happy couple. I cannot wait to be a part of your very special day. Paige, you are gonna make a breathtaking bride. Joe, you are a lucky boy.I love you both and cannot wait for the big day.

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