Monday, July 8, 2013

Cole- 1 week (June 25, 2013)

Our little prince is one week old today, I can barely believe it. It has been so fun getting to know his little personality, his likes and dislikes. We are very blessed with a healthy little man. Everyday I try to take it all in, enjoying every moment I can. I know this newborn stage is very short lived.

Weight- at his 4 day appointment he was 5 lb 15 oz, up from his hospital discharge weight of 5 lb 12 oz

Health- No problems, we think he may be coming down with reflux after eating though. His little hands and feet are shedding his 'protective skin'. Belly button and circumcision are healing well

Sleep- He has been a great sleeper, especially at night.  Sleeps about 3-4 hours at a time. He doesn't like being swaddled to tight though and definitely doesn't like his arms in the swaddle.

Social-  Little man has had non stop visitors. Aunt Jojo, Aunt Paige and Grandma and Grandpa Stewart are here in town from MN.

Diet- Breastmilk. Didn't latch on to the right at first, but is doing great now. A great eater and always hungry. Ready to eat at least every 2 hours during the day.

Cloths- Swimming in his newborn cloths and wearing newborn diapers

Development-  Cole is a strong little guy. He can pull his head up on his own and has a strong kick. Passed his hearing test, bilirubin test and oxygen sat tests before leaving the hospital.

Crying-Unfortunately we hear a lot of crying associated with what we think is reflux. Otherwise he just fusses when he is hungry

Likes- Likes to have his hands up by his face all the time, especially when sleeping.

Milestone-  Slept in his crib in his nursery since we got home from the hospital. Not sure if that's a milestone for him or us.

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  1. i love that he is sleeping in his crib! you are right NB stage goes SO quick!