Monday, July 8, 2013

Cole- 2 weeks (July 2, 2013)

Weight-Did not have any weight gain, still at 5 lb 15 oz

Health-Cole has something going on with his tummy. Not for sure if its reflux, but he screams bloody murder after most feedings (mostly afternoon and evening). Also has painful looking burps associated with it and he is very difficult to sooth. Seriously breaks our heart.

Sleep- Sleep is great at night, anywhere from 4-6 hours at a time. Sleeps little periods at a time during the day, not more than 1 1/2 hours at a time.

Social-  Still getting daily visitors to love up on our little peanut. All our family and friends have been able to stop by.

Diet- Breastmilk- ALL.THE.TIME. I feel like he gets done eating, burps, and is rooting around for more. At night he has his last feeding around 11, then usually doesn't wake until around 4.

Cloths- Newborn cloths. Had to go buy some more because I couldn't keep up with washing his handful of newborn outfits. Still uses newborn diapers

Development- Beginning to folllow Ross and I's voice. Practicing tummy time and is very good at holding up his strong little head. He is always kicking during diaper changes and his arms are always flying all over the place. Hands are in his mouth when he gets hungry.

Crying-Only cries when reflux sets in after feedings. Sometimes it lasts 20 minutes, other times over an hour. Its the worst sound I have ever heard.

Likes-Loves getting his hair washed under the faucet. Also Likes walks in his stroller. Likes his vibrating chair. Dislikes being burped over the shoulder and diaper changes. Also is not a fan of being swaddled at night.

Milestone- His belly button 'stump' fell off on 6/29, noticed it while getting him ready for his newborn pictures.

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  1. yah! no icky cord thingy for pics ;) hehe even though everything about our babies is adorable, that cord thing is not- but dont get me wrong i TOTALLY saved AV's and i know right where we were and the day it fell off! ;)